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Bulk Fathers Day Gifts

These unique small gifts from the Holy Land are wonderful favors for churches to give to fathers on Fathers Day. Unlike many other Fathers Day favors, these inexpensive gifts come from the land of the Bible, and provide your church or Christian group with  bulk Fathers Day gifts for your congregation that fathers will always treasure. Each of these small inexpensive Fathers Day gifts comes with a certificate of authenticity to present to the fathers in church congregations, Christian organizations or large groups where fathers are recognized on Fathers' Day. 

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Small Olive Wood Crosses (100 @$1.99 each, Also priced in larger bulk quantities) Small Olive Wood Crosses (20 @ $2.50 each, Also priced to buy in larger bulk quantities) Olive Wood Hand Crosses (Bulk, 10 @ $6.99 Each, Also Priced in Larger Quantities) Papal Cross Keychains (Priced to buy in Bulk)
Faith Symbol Necklaces (Bulk quantities) Divine Mercy Keychain (Priced in Bulk) Celtic Cross Necklaces (Bulk buy quantity discounts) Medal of St. Benedict Keychains (Priced in Bulk)
Shepherds Slings (10 or More) Bulk Small Olive Wood Crucifixes (Volume Discount Priced) Shepherds Slings (25 or More) 10 Olive Wood Rosaries with Holy Land Soil (Bulk, 10 @ $9.99 Each)
Sacred Heart of Jesus Decorative Key Chains (Priced in Bulk) Shepherd Slingshots (50 or More) 10 Olive Wood Rosaries (Bulk, 10 @ $9.99 Each) Small Crosses under $1 Each (Graduated Bulk Discount Prices)

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