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These luxurious large Crosses represent some of the most detailed, intricate, hand carved wooden Crosses in the world. The fact that these beautiful large Crosses are made by Christian artisans from Holy Land olive wood in Bethlehem, the city of the birth of the Lord Jesus, add to the moving nature of these fine Christian art works. Many of these large wooden Crosses adorn church sanctuaries and cathedrals across the globe. We also now have a line of large wooden crosses made here in the USA by Rev. Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures.

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Large Standing Red Oak Cross (4'4")
Large Standing Red Oak Cross (4'4") [HLT1024]
[Reg. $1,180.00]
Sale Price $1,090.00
Large Standing Walnut Cross (4'4" Tall)
Large Standing Walnut Cross (4'4" Tall) [HLT1023]
[Reg. $1,180.00]
Sale Price $1,090.00
Large Standing Contemporary Red Oak Cross (4'4") Large Red Oak Contemporary Wall Cross (4 Foot)
Large Walnut Wall Cross (4')
Large Walnut Wall Cross (4') [HLT1022C]
[Reg. $790.00]
Sale Price $699.00
Large Carved Olive Wood Wall Cross (30") Large Standing Roman Cross (56" Tall) Large 4 Foot Carved Wooden Crucifix Wall Cross
Large 14 Stations Standing Cross (57" Tall) Large Luxurious Standing Cross (55" Tall) Large Hand Carved 6 Foot Wall Cross (Crucifix) Large Standing Wood Cross (Over 6 Feet Tall)
Large Standing Wood Cross (Over 6 Feet Tall) [HLT1006]
[Reg. $1,620.00]
Sale Price $1,479.00

Our large wooden crosses are all made in the Holy Land by Christians from Holy Land olive wood. These large olive wood crosses can be displayed in the home but most people buy these very large wooden crosses as a gift to their church. Each large cross is luxurious, with hand carved intricate detail.

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