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Our bulk Christian gifts are all made in the Holy Land and provide the ultimate small inexpensive gifts for Church congregations for Mothers Day and Fathers Day, small Christian wedding favors, inexpensive bulk childrens gifts for Vacation Bible School and more. These small Christian gifts are sold in large quantities and provide Christian groups with a lasting keepsakes from the land of the Bible that will always be treasured. Each our our bulk inexpensive Christian gifts come with individual certificates of authenticity. We try to keep large quantities of each of these small inexpensive Christian gifts in stock but we ask to please give us as much notice as possible for very large quantities. Click on any of the below to simplify your search.

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Olive Wood Christmas Ornaments (Bulk prices for 10 and up) Small Olive Wood Crosses (5 @ $3.50 each, Also priced in bulk) Olive wood Communion Cups (Bulk Discount Priced) Olive Wood Nativity Ornaments (Bulk Quantities of 10 and up)
Olive Wood Christmas Ornaments (Bulk quantities of 100 and up) Small Olive Wood Crosses (100 @$1.99 each, Also priced in larger bulk quantities) Olive Wood Communion Cups (Sale, 100 or more @ 81 cents each) Small Olive Wood Crosses (20 @ $2.50 each, Also priced to buy in larger bulk quantities)
Olive Wood Hand Cross (Gift boxed, also priced for bulk discount) Medium Olive Wood Communion Cups (20 @ $1.40 Per Cup with larger bulk discounts) Medium Olive Wood Communion Cups (Sale, 100 or more @ $.99 Each) Olive Wood Communion Cups-Large Chalice Style (Sold in groups of 20)
Small 2" Gift Crosses (Graduated bulk sale discount prices) Bulk Inexpensive Small Olive Wood Crosses (Graduated bulk discount priced) Hand Cross with Holy Land Stones (Gift boxed, also with bulk purchase prices) Holy Family Nativity Bell Ornaments (5 @ $5.90 Each, Also priced for large bulk quantity discounts)
Olive Wood Hand Cross with Frankincense (Also priced for bulk purchases) Unique Olive Wood Nativity Bell Ornaments (Priced individually and for bulk purchases with graduated discounts) Hand Cross with Frankincense (Gift Boxed, also priced for bulk purchase) Large Communion Cups (Quantities of 100 and up)
Hand Holding Cross with Holy Land Soil (Gift Boxed, also priced for bulk purchase) Holy Spirit Dove Necklaces (Bulk priced) Star of Bethlehem Cross Necklaces (Bulk quantities) Jerusalem Cross Necklaces (Bulk sale prices)
Olive Wood Hand Crosses (Bulk, 10 @ $6.99 Each, Also Priced in Larger Quantities) Jesus Cross Necklaces (Bulk priced) Risen Christ Cross Necklaces (Buy at large bulk discount prices) Peace Sign Necklaces (Bulk quantity discounts)
Cross with Dove (Holy Spirit) Necklaces (Bulk sale priced quantities) Cross Necklaces (Bulk discount quantities) Unique Nativity Scene Bell Shaped Ornaments (5 @ $5.90 Each, Also priced to buy in larger bulk quantities) Celtic Cross Necklaces (Bulk sale priced)
Celtic Cross Necklaces (Bulk buy quantity discounts) Holy Spirit Cross Necklaces (Bulk volume discount priced) Cross Necklaces (Buy in bulk quantities) Cross with Crown of Thorns Necklaces (Bulk priced graduated discounts)
Holy Spirit Dove Necklaces (Bulk discounts) Star and Flower Necklaces (Bulk sale purchases) First Communion Necklaces (Bulk priced) Baptism Necklaces (Bulk discount quantities)
10 Carved Olive Wood Rosary Bracelets (Bulk, 10 @ $3.50 Each) Oval Jesus Cross Necklaces (Priced for bulk purchases) 10 Shepherds Slings Small Wooden Cross Necklaces (Bulk volume priced)
Small Wooden Celtic Cross Necklaces (Bulk buy priced) Christian Fish Symbol with Cross Necklaces (Bulk sale quantities) Unique Wooden Cross Necklaces (Bulk priced discounts) Wooden Cross Necklaces (Bulk sale priced)
"Fish Symbol" Jesus Necklaces (Bulk prices) Peace Dove Necklaces (Bulk discounts for volume) 10 Mother of Pearl Rosaries (Bulk, 10 @ $11.00 Each) Bulk Small Olive Wood Crucifixes (Volume Discount Priced)
Olive Wood Rosary Bracelets ( 1 Dozen, Unboxed @ $2.98 Each) Olive Wood Rosary Bracelets with Carved Beads (1 Dozen, Unboxed @ $3.49 Each) 10 Olive Wood Rosaries with Holy Land Soil (Bulk, 10 @ $9.99 Each) Bulk Small Olive Wood Crucifixes (Volume Discount Priced)
Olive Wood Rosaries (1 Dozen, Bulk, Unboxed @ @ $5.99 Each) 25 Shepherds Slings Decorative Holy Family Key Chains (Priced in Bulk) 10 Carved Olive Wood Beads Rosaries (10 @ $12.99 Each)
50 Shepherd Slingshots 10 Unique Olive Wood Rosaries (Bulk Quantity Discount, 10 @ $9.99 Each) Bulk Olive Wood Rosaries (10 @ $7.99 Each) 1 Dozen Olive Wood Rosaries (1 Dozen, Bulk, Unboxed @ $6.99 Each)
Olive Wood Rosaries with Holy Land Soil Centerpieces (1 Dozen, Bulk, Unboxed @ $6.99 Each) Unique Olive Wood Rosaries (1 Dozen, Bulk, Unboxed @ $6.99 Each) Olive Wood Hand Crosses (Bulk Orders of 50 or More) 10 Rosaries with Tiger's Eye Beads (Bulk, 10 @ $11.00 Each)

Our bulk small inexpensive gifts are not little cheap trinkets. Though these small gifts are inexpensive they are the kind of gifts that will always be cherished. All of our bulk small gifts are made in Christian workshops near the site where the Lord Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and all of these small bulk gifts are intended to glorify Him. For church favors or wedding favors, these bulk inexpensive gifts are unforgettable. For small gifts for a church to give out to its members these bulk small inexpensive gifts from the Holy Land are ideal. Other ideas include small Christian gifts in bulk for customer appreciation gifts.

   We have many, many more small gifts in bulk than are listed in this category. Whenever you go to the page of any small inexpensive gift item there will be links to other small inexpensive gifts categories on the site. By clicking on these you will be able to see for instance dozens of different keychains or necklaces, depending on which of these small inexpensive gifts you were interested in. When you purchase these small gifts in bulk you save a great deal. Many of these small inexpensive gift items are half price when purchased in bulk quantities.

 For small inexpensive gifts for a church for Mother's Day we recommend our Rosary bracelets and necklaces in bulk. For Father's Day gifts for a church, our keychains and shepherd slingshots are ideal small inexpensive bulk gifts. Our olive wood Communion cups are also wonderful small inexpensive keepsakes for a church congregation when observing the Lords Supper. And our small olive wood Crosses make wonderful small inexpensive gifts in bulk for all occasions where large quantities of small Christian gifts are needed.

 When Christmas comes around it is hard to find unique small Christmas gifts in bulk for a church. Our olive wood Christmas ornaments make ideal small inexpensive gifts for a church and we offer them in large bulk quantities. If you are looking for small inexpensive Christmas gifts for customer appreciation, our ornaments are ideal. Most of our small inexpensive gifts in bulk come with individual certificates of authenticity unless the packaging states that it is made in the Holy Land. One thing is for sure, for small inexpensive religious gifts in bulk, you are at the right place here at Holy Land Treasures.

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