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Memorial Bibles

Our Memorial Bibles are a wonderful way to honor the memory of any Christian that has gone to be with the Lord. Our memorial Bibles range from Bible holder praying hands, with the memorial Bible inside, to olive wood covered memorial Bibles. All of our memorial Bibles are made in the Holy Land. Each memorial Bible that we currenetly have is a King James Version, Hollman gift Bible, with a presentation page to name the giver and who the memorial Bible is given in memory of. All of our memorial Bibles are priced in bulk as well and come with our Holy Land Treasures gift card.

Our memorial gift Bibles are a unique and lasting way to honor the memory of a loved one. These memorial Bibles also provide heartfelt bereavement gifts to comfort those who have lost a loved one. Each memorial Bible holder statue and olive wood memorial Bible is made in Bethlehem, not far from the site where the Lord Jesus was born, by the premier Christian artisan of the Holy Land, our dear friend Jeries Facouseh. The Holy Land olive wood used to make each of our memorial Bibles comes from the Galilee region, where the Lord Jesus based His ministry.

Flowers are wonderful as a memorial gift, but sadly, the memorial gift of a flower is not lasting. These memorial Bibles will always be cherished and displayed, and over time, passed down to others in the family. However, always remember, the best memorial gift or bereavement gift that you can ever give is your love, your caring, your prayers for comfort and your presence.