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Wooden Rosaries

Our beautiful wooden Rosaries are made in Bethlehem from Holy Land olive wood. These lovely wooden Rosaries feature carved wooden beads and smooth beads and a variety of centerpieces. We also feature some very high quality yet inexpensive wooden Rosary bracelets. Our wooden Rosaries are not made in large factories with no thought of what is being made. Each Rosary is handcrafted in its entirety in the Manger street workshop of our dear friends Hani and Johnny Handal, not far from the site where the Lord Jesus was born. All of our beautiful wooden Rosaries come with individual made in the Holy Land certificates of authenticity.

Buy these Rosaries in bulk.      We also have our Rosaries priced by the dozen.


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Carved Wooden Rosary Wooden Rosary with Holy Land Soil Centerpiece Lovely Wooden Rosary (Virgin Mary Centerpiece) Rosary Bracelet with Carved Wooden Beads
Unique Wooden Rosary (Madonna and Child Centerpiece) Wooden Holy Land Rosary Wooden Finger Rosaries (5 @ $1.99 Each, also priced in large bulk quantities) Wooden Wall Rosary
Beautiful Wooden Rosary Box Lovely and Inexpensive Wooden Rosary Bracelet Wooden Rosary Bracelet (Also priced for bulk discounts, Unboxed) Rosary Box with Dove

Our wooden rosaries make wonderful inexpensive Catholic gifts whether purchased individually or in bulk. When you buy our wooden rosaries from the Holy Land you save. We always hesitate to call any of our lovely religious gifts cheap because none of the products that we have for sale should have the tag word "cheap" attached to it. However, though these beautiful wooden rosaries are not cheap in quality, the prices are very inexpensive. By having each wooden rosary priced for individual sale or to buy in bulk you have the luxury of purchasing large quantities of rosaries at very inexpensive prices.

The lovely rosaries on this page are not just made from any kind of wood. Our wooden rosaries are all made from Holy Land olive wood by Catholic artisans near the site where the Lord Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Our dear friend Hani Handal (owner and operator of Bethlehem Casting Company) casts all of the metal parts of our wooden rosaries in his casting shop on Manger Street, just down the street from the Church of Nativity.

All of our rosary products come with individual made in the Holy Land certificates of authenticity. When our wooden rosaries are given out as small inexpensive Catholic gifts you will not have to do a lot of explaining to certify where each rosary is made. We feel like that we have done more to authenticate that our wooden rosaries and all of our Holy Land Catholic gift products are actually made there. And it is not just the rosary beads that are authentic. As we have stated, all of the metal parts to our beautiful wooden rosaries are made there as well. Each rosary is entirely handcrafted but also done in a professional manner.

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