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Wholesale Crucifixes

These wholesale Crucifixes are masterfully handcrafted in Bethlehem and made from Holy Land olive wood. These beautiful carved wood Crucifixes are made in the workshops of Catholic artisans Hani and Johnny Handal, not far from the Church of Nativity. By ordering from our wholesale pages in bulk we are able to give tremendous savings on these fine Crucifixes. We do not think that for the money you will find any Crucifixes any more beautiful in the world. For that, we have our 2 good friends, Hani and Johnny to thank. You will receive a cerificate of authenticity with each lovely Crucifix.

Shipping is included in all wholesale prices and there are no hidden costs. These lovely Crucifixes must be part of a Minimum $300 Wholesale Order.(Approx. 3 to 4 Week Delivery Timeframe)

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Small Wooden Crucifixes ((Wholesale, 20 @ $1.25 Each) Small Olive Wood Crucifixes (Wholesale, 20 @ $2.45 Each) Olive Wood Crucifix Pendants (Wholesale, 20 @ $1.40 Each) Small Olive Wood Crucifixes (Wholesale, 20 @ $1.70 Each)
St. Benedict Crucifix Necklace (Graduated bulk wholesale volume discount) 4.5" Olive Wood Crucifixes (Wholesale, 10 @ $5.00 Each) Crucifixes with Holy Land Soil 11 Inch (Bulk Wholesale Priced) Olive Wood Crucifixes (Bulk Wholesale Priced)
St. Benedict Crucifix (Wholesale, 5 @ $10.50 Each) Unique Olive Wood Crucifixes (5 @ $20.90 Each, Wholesale) Olive Wood Crucifixes with Holy Land Soil (Wholesale Bulk Priced) Roman Byzantine Olive Wood Crucifixes (3 @ $29 Each, Wholesale)

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