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Our wholesale Catholic products are all made in the Holy Land and make excellent stock gift items at Catholic gift stores or wherever Catholic products are sold. These wholesale Catholic gift products are not made with no thought of what is being produced. Each of our beautiful wholesale Catholic products are made by talented Catholic artisans in Bethlehem who are also fine and Godly men.

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Rosary      Candle Holders       Statues      Crucifixes       Nativities  

Necklaces         Ornaments            Plaques            Miscellaneous 

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery on our wholesale Catholic products. Minimum Catholic products wholesale order is $300.00 (Unless specified on item). Shipping is included in all prices and there are no hidden costs.

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Celtic Cross Necklaces (Wholesale, 20 @ $1.95 Each, Also priced for large bulk quantity discount) Olive Wood Finger Rosaries (Wholesale Bulk Priced) Jerusalem Cross Necklaces (Wholesale, 20 @$1.95 Each, Also priced in larger quantities) Jerusalem Cross Charm Necklaces (Wholesale, 20 @ $1.95 Each, Also priced at large bulk quantity discount prices)
Celtic Cross with Dove Necklaces (Wholesale, $1.95 Each, Also priced for large bulk purchases) Roman Cross Necklaces  (Wholesale, 20 @ $1.95 Each, Also priced for large quantity bulk purchases) First Communion Necklaces (Wholesale, 20 @ $1.95 Each, Also priced in larger bulk quantities) Small Wooden Crucifixes ((Wholesale, 20 @ $1.25 Each)
Celtic Cross Necklaces (Wholesale, 20 @ $1.95 Each, Also priced for bulk purchase discount) Small Olive Wood Crucifixes (Wholesale, 20 @ $2.45 Each) Celtic Cross Necklaces (Wholesale, 20 @ $1.95 Each, Also priced in larger quantities with bulk purchase discounts) St. Benedict Crucifix Necklaces (Bulk Wholesale)

These Catholic wholesale products are not produced in huge quantities in large factories by people that have no idea what they are making. These wholesale Catholic gift products are all made in the Holy Land in what we feel are the finest Catholic olive wood workshops in the Holy Land. All of our Catholic wholesale products are made in these Holy Land workshops in their entirety. From beautiful hand carved Catholic statues to our olive wood rosaries, these wholesale Catholic gift products are of the highest quality and we back that with our money back guarantee.

When it comes to buying wholesale Catholic gift products from the Holy Land many are uneasy. They worry about doing wholesale business with someone out of the country. When you purchase your wholesale Catholic products from Holy Land Treasures you are dealing with a US company. We are located in North Carolina and can be reached toll free 9 to 9 eastern. If a problem comes up with your wholesale Catholic gift order we will do whatever it takes to correct it from here as speedily as possible. If you purchase directly from the Holy Land, if you are not satisfied you can not return it or get your money back. You will never have that problem with us.

Another concern with buying Catholic products wholesale from the Holy Land is the stigma of inconsistency. We have that problem solved. All of our Catholic wholesale products, though they are made by hand, have a wonderful consistency, with only slight variations in the tone of the olive wood. (The Lord made the olive wood, and He made each piece just a little different). When you purchase our wholesale Catholic products you will get a wholesale gift product that looks as good or better than the lovely photos that we have on the site, we guarantee it.

When it comes to wholesale Catholic products from the Holy Land there is also the issue of authenticating to your retail customers that these wholesale gift procucts were actually made by Catholic artisans in the Holy Land. We tackle this issue with a "Made in Bethlehem" seal under each of our wholesale Catholic statues. With all of our wholesale Catholic products we give you individual Made in the Holy Land certificates of authenticity, except on the very small inexpensive products. We feel like we do more than anyone ever has to authenticate the your wholesale gift products are made in the Holy Land.

These Catholic wholesale gift products come in a variety of price ranges. With all of the wholsale Catholic gift items that you can buy from us, we suggest a retail price on the product page. The suggested retail price for our wholesale Catholic gift products ranges from x3 to x4. You can adjust the retail price to your clientele. Even with this mark up, your wholesale Catholic products are a great value when compared to beautiful wholesale Catholic art from other places in the world.

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