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These wholesale Catholic gift products are all made in the Holy Land in the Holy cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. These are not your average Catholic wholesale gift items as most of these products have been touched to Christian Holy sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem and prayed over by the Franciscan Fathers. Each gift is beautifully packaged with a certificate of authenticity. (Look downscreen below our wholesale products for a word from Fr. Peter F. Vasco of Jerusalem).

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Nativity Star Pendant Necklaces (Group of 5, Wholesale @ $17.50 Each) Unique Crucifix from Jerusalem (Group of 5 @ $20 Each, Wholesale) Gold Crucifixion Necklace #1 (5 Necklaces @ $17.50 Each, Wholesale) Gold Jerusalem Cross Necklaces # 2 (Group of 5 @ $17.50 Each. Wholesale)
Gold Cruxifixion Necklace # 8 (Group of 5 @ $22 Each, Wholesale) Gold Jerusalem Cross Neckleces # 3 (Group of 5 @ $17.50 Each, Wholesale) Gold Cruxifixion Necklaces # 7 (Group of 5 @ $17.50 Each, Wholesale) Gold Crucifixion Necklaces # 9 (Group of 5 @ $22.00 Each, Wholesale)
Gold Cruxifixion Necklaces # 4 (Group of 5 @ $17.50 Each, Wholesale) Gold Cruxifixion Necklaces # 6 (Group of 5 @ $17.50 Each, Wholesale) Gold Cruxifixion Necklaces # 5 (Group of 5 @ $17.50 Each, Wholesale) Touch Jerusalem Prayer Card (Group of 5 @ $12.50 Each, Wholesale)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings from the Holy Land!

As a Franciscan priest ministering to the Christian community here in the Holy Land for the past 25 years, I have witnessed the difficulties that our local Christians face on a daily basis be it economical or security issues and because of that many of our Christians are leaving.

Giving hope and providing them with a dignified livelihood is paramount and one of the ways of meeting those needs is by encouraging other Christians to purchase hand-made products produced by the local Christian artisans in the Holy Land.  By acquiring these unique products you will be providing them and their families not only the needed encouragement to continue in maintaining their craftsmanship but also providing them with needed economic assistance.

I thank you for your help in assisting the many small Christian communities here in the Holy Land.  May this religious article bring you blessings from the Lord!

Yours in Christ, 

Fr. Peter F. Vasco, OFM


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