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These lovely wall Crosses are made in Bethlehem from Holy Land olive wood not far from the birthplace of the Lord Jesus. These carved wooden Crosses make wonderful Christian gifts and each Cross comes with a "Made in Bethlehem" certificate of authenticity and our Holy Land Treasures gift card. Each of these lovely wall Crosses are also priced in bulk. * We also now offer a line of wall crosses made here in the USA by Rev. Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures. You may use the links below to see all of our crosses.

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Four Foot Wooden "4 Gospels" Wall Cross Large 4 Foot Russian Orthodox Wall Cross Lovely 15 Inch Olive Wood Cross with Relics Four Foot Decorative Wooden Wall Cross
Four Foot Decorative Wooden Wall Cross [HLT2006B]
[Reg. $790.00]
Sale Price $699.00
Large 4 Foot Russian Orthodox Wall Cross Large Decorative 4 Foot Wall Cross
Large Decorative 4 Foot Wall Cross [HLT2007B]
[Reg. $790.00]
Sale Price $699.00
Large 4 Foot Decorative Wall Hanging Cross Large Decorative Wooden Wall Cross with Backlights (6 Foot)
Large 5 Foot Contemporary Wooden Wall Cross with Backlights    

These wall Crosses are not made in large factories. These beautiful wall Crosses are hand made by Christian artisans in Bethlehem (Jeries Facouseh and Johnny Handal). Each carved wooden Cross is full of detail and beauty and gives the gift recipient a piece of the Holy Land to always cherish. The beautiful natural Holy Land olive wood grain and the hand carving gives each wall Cross its' own unique character. These wall Crosses are also made from prunings of Holy Land olive trees and no trees are destroyed in the process.

We feel like that we do more than anyone ever has to authenticate that our wall crosses are made in the Holy Land. With each one of our lovely wall crosses you will receive a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity. Most of our wall crosses, though they are made in Bethlehem, have Jerusalem stamped on the back. This is of course because the Lord bore the cross in Jerusalem.

You will not find these lovely wooden wall crosses anywhere else. That is because most of our beautiful wall crosses are designed by Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures USA, and are found exclusively here. We are continually adding to this line of beautiful wall crosses. Our lovely wooden wall crosses are also priced in bulk quantities. When you buy in bulk you save a great deal on our wall crosses and this also enables you to have gifts on hand throughout the year.

Most of our beautiful wooden wall crosses are made in the Olivart workshop of our dear friend Jeries Facouseh. Jeries is world renowned with his beautiful Christian art adorning churches and fine homes around the world. While nothing is perfect in this life, the fine wall crosses made by Jeries and his team of Christian artisans are as near perfect as they can be made.

All of our wall crosses are also finished with laquer or polyurethane to protect the cross and give lustre to the natually beautiful Holy Land olive wood. Each of our wall crosses is also unique, being handcrafted, and with each piece of Holy Land olive wood having its own unique character.

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