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$1,000 and up Nativity Sets

Our $1,000 and up Nativity sets represent the largest indoor Nativity scenes that we sell. Each set is a work of fine art, a beautiful expression of handcrafted beauty celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. These very large indoor Nativity sets are hand carved in biblical Bethlehem in the Manger Street carving shop of world renowned Christian carver Jeries Facouseh. Though these sets are expensive, they are priced far less that you would pay for the same set in a gift shop in the Holy Land.

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Large Luxury Nativity Set (Musical) Unique Large Olive Wood Nativity Set (Musical) Large Indoor Musical Nativity Set Large Elaborate Olive Wood Nativity Set
Very Large Fine Indoor Nativity Scene Large Lovely Indoor Nativity Scene Set Large Spectacular Unique Nativity Set (Musical) Very Large Unique Musical Nativity Set
Large Indoor Musical Nativity Scene Set Large Spectacular Indoor Nativity Scene Set (Musical) Masterpiece Unique Musical Nativity Set Large Indoor Musical Nativity Scene Set

These very large indoor manger scenes from the Holy Land (Israel) are handcrafted from naturally beautiful olive wood. We suggest these beautiful scenes as our finest Nativity sets for churches. The Facouseh olive wood carving shop, where our largest, finest indoor Nativity scenes are hand carved, is located about a 10 minute walk from the site where the Lord Jesus Christ was born.

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