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Large Crucifix Reviews

Below are reviews from our customers that have purchased our Large Crucifixes.

(HLT141313 Four Foot Wall Crucifix) We love our beautiful Crucifix. It is more lovely than we could have ever imagined. G - New York

(HLT141313 Four Foot Wall Crucifix) Some guys came to our church with same Crucifix asking $2,800.00. Glad I didn't buy it. I think Holy Land Treasures must be a legitimate outfit. I called them and they shipped it to us from Israel and it was perfect. Only cost us $900.00 which I think was very fair. Bert - Chicago, Il ( Reply from Ricky - Owner - Holy Land Treasures) There are 100's of people that come over every year from the Holy Land and go from church to church, giving the same hardship story and that the money is going back to Bethlehem. What they don't tell is that they have already spent what money they are going to spend in Bethlehem on the goods that they have on display. The money they make goes in their pocket. Personally, I believe that the church is a house of worship, not a place to sell. Thanks for your business Bert.

(HLT141314 Six foot Wall Crucifix) We waited a long time and it was worth the wait. I cried, I really did. I still get emotional looking at it. I feel like Jeries carved it just for our church. S - Chicago, IL

(HLT141313 Four Foot Wall Crucifix) We had a dedication service and placed it in our gymnasium. I do not think that the senior class could have picked a finer gift. Ricky, thanks for all your help with this, it really means a lot. Bill - Texas

(HLT141313 Four Foot Wall Crucifix) Your picture does not do it justice. I have it in my home and I honestly can not believe that someone is so talented that they carved this by hand. How long did it take them to carve this? S Simmons - Massachusetts (Reply) It takes about 2 years to produce the 4 foot model. That is mostly drying time for the wood. The carving process is a little too lengthy to explain but once the statue is shaped the carving time for the Corpus takes about 2 days.

(HLT141314 Six foot Wall Crucifix) This is a splendid work of art, we are quite pleased. The additional containers with the flowers and incense and the framed explanation are a nice touch as well. Fr M - UK (Note: Sometimes Jeries adds 2 extra containers on the 6 foot Crucifixes, one to the right and one to the left of the Corpus.)

Your large crosses and crucifixes are like nothing I have ever seen. Each design is unique. One can tell this is pure art as you can see the heart of the artisan in each design. RK - Raleigh, NC (Reply from Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures) Thanks RK, you are too kind. I have to tell you, I have truly enjoyed making each and every one I have ever made.

(HLT141313 Four Foot Wall Crucifix) We gave this large wall hanging Crucifix in memory of our sister. It is hanging in our school and loved by all. I was a little scared to order over the internet so I called. They were so nice, you can trust them. I talked to Ricky (I think he is the owner) and I had an email with a receipt within 5 minutes. They called me and left a message when they sent it from Israel and told me what day to expect it. It came 1 day early but I was home when the post office brought it out. They made a card and put it in a picture frame to tell it was given for our sister. I think Ricky is from there but he sounds American.   G - Texas        (Note from Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures) Dear G, I am an American, that is why I sound like one. I have lived in North Carolina all my life. I go to the Holy Land a lot and Jeries and Hani in Bethlehem are like family but we are not related. We are brothers in Christ of course.

(6 foot custom made standing Crucifix)
  We are pleased to confirm we have placed our newly arrived six foot custom Crucifix in our new Mary's Knoll prayer room at the Shrine of Our lady of the Sierras in Hereford, AZ. Per our request this Crucifix has been finished on both sides to enable it being place in a free standing 3 dimensional position and mounted in our custom rock base. This Crucifix sits near a comparable setting of a 6 foot statue of Our Lady in magnificent mountain side indoor room setting. The public response to this Mother and Crucified Son setting has been overwhelming. The carving and quality of the Crucifix complement the beautiful Italian statue of Our Lady.
 Thank you all,
 Jerry - Our Lady of the Sierras
(Note from Ricky) Jerry was one of the most patient customers we have ever had. First, Jeries was out a week with a kidney stone. He finally finished carving the Corpus and when he was mounting it to the cross he dropped it and it was broken. Jerry waited 3 weeks longer than we had told him but he was wonderful throughout.
(HLT723 - 4 Foot contemporary walnut and olive wood Crucifix)
Good morning Ricky,
I love the Crucifix and it was nicely done.  I was wondering do you any religious items for outdoor.  It is extremely sunny where the church is located.
Thanks again - Redza G.  - New York, NY
(Answer from Ricky) I could make a cross out of PVC but that is about it for outdoors.

HLT1028 -Large 4 Foot Hand Carved Wall Crucifix
- Received and installed. Everybody LOVES it! Thanks JM - Gaylordsville, CT

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