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Brown, 1 Cross Walnut Wood Special Order for Chris Leff (8 Foot Tall Hanging Cross)

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Special Order for Chris Leff (8 Foot Tall Hanging Cross)

SKU # (Special Order HLT718)
Color / Quantity: Brown, 1 Cross
Material: Walnut Wood
Price: $1,960.00

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 8' Tall x 4'8" Wide (Brown, 1 Cross) $1,960.00

This cross is a special order for Chris Leff. It will be 8 feet tall, 4 feet 8 inches wide and approx 5 inches thick. It will be finished and identical on both sides. The cross will be specially constructed to hang from the ceiling. A large eye bolt will be made into the cross on each side of the crossbeam and protrude slightly at the top so that a chain can be attached. (I will probably place the bolt about 8 inches from the end on each side. I will hide most of it, maybe 1 inch will stick out the top.) A third dimension will be added as it will be needed to visually balance the size of the cross.

It should take about 1 week to complete.

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