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3 Statues @ $349.00 Each Olive Wood Jesus Washing The Disciple's Feet Olivewood Statue - Large

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Brown, 1 Statue

Brown, 1 Statue Jesus Washing The Disciple's Feet Olivewood Statue - Large
2 Statues @ $349.00 Each

2 Statues @ $349.00 Each Jesus Washing The Disciple's Feet Olivewood Statue - Large

Jesus Washing The Disciple's Feet Olivewood Statue - Large

SKU # HLT135212A
Color / Quantity: 3 Statues @ $349.00 Each
Material: Olive Wood
Price: $1,047.00

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 11.5" W x 9" T x 7" D (3 Statues @ $349.00 Each) $1,047.00

This breathtaking Christian statue of Jesus washing the disciples feet is a religious wood carving beyond compare. This beautiful statue of Jesus comes with our Holy Land Treasures gift card and a "Made in the Holy Land" certificate of authenticity.

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Magnificent! This truly beautiful life like olive wood sculpture of Jesus Washing the disciple's feet (also called Jesus foot washing statue) is hand carved in the olive wood workshop of world renowned Christian statue artisan Jeries Facouseh in the Holy city of Bethlehem. This luxurious foot washing sculpture has  the olive wood statue of Jesus kneeling and the olive wood statue of one of the disciples seated on a chair attached to a two piece olivewood base with long scallops hand carved into the upper base.  Very original detailed hand crafted and hand carved olive wood pitcher and basin adorn this magnificient work of art .Our Bethlehem olive wood craftsmen use select olive wood from prunings of olive trees that grow in the Holy Land to build this majestic wooden foot washing statue. Ideal for a gift for your Church, this elegant foot washing sculpture will stir the heart of all who view it. This olive wood carving is accented and finished with a protective polyurethane finish that accents each detail of the figure and the beauty of  the complex olive wood grain. The "Made in Bethlehem" seal of authenticity is found underneath this luxurious Christian statue and you will receive our inspirational Holy Land gift card with a picture of the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives. Money back guarantee on every purchase and a "Made in Bethlehem" certificate of authenticity.

Scriptural Reference:    John  13 :  3 - 17

" He who wishes to be greatest among you let him be the servant of all ".   Jesus said He come to serve,  how can we please Him if we don't do the same.  


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