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Nativity Set Reviews

Below are reviews from our customers that have purchased our Nativity sets.

(Manger Scene 4-3A and 222310) Ricky, I just to want tell you how very pleased we are with all the nativity sets we ordered from Holy Land Treasures. They are everything I hoped for and more - so very beautiful and special! I did not unwrap the four small sets but decided to wait and let our children open and unwrap each individually. Thank you for the special gift of the wooden cross - it is beautiful with all the added features from the Holy Land. I hope someday to meet you - there is a bond with believers and a connection bound by grace and love. Hope you and yours have a most blessed Christmas! Blessings, Gail D - Alabama The set is beautiful but the stable is not as big as you say online. You say it is 14" wide and 11" deep but it is smaller than that. I think you have the measurments wrong. J.W. - Kansas (Note from Ricky Anderson - owner of Holy Land Treasures) Sorry for any confusion, the measurement that we give online is for the entire display, not just the stable.

(Manger Scene 8-8A3) I love it, I love it. It is so, so beautiful. Next year I am going to get the camels to go with it. I can not believe it is all made by hand. Linda - Washington state

(Manger Scene 4-6A) I bought 2, one for our home and one for our daughter. The craftsmanship is very good. John - Pennsylvania

(Manger Scene 3-3C) I have purchased from you before and I was very pleased. Again this time I was very satisfied. The creche was a gift for a wedding and they really like it. Paula - Colorado

(Manger Scene 7-7V) I was in Israel and I hated that I did not buy one there. If this is the same set that I saw there I am glad that I waited until I got home. Your price for this set was $700 less than the price I negotiated at the store in Jerusalem.  Joe - Texas (Note from Ricky Anderson - Owner of Holy Land Treasures) I have no way of knowing if this is the same set you saw in Jerusalem or not. When you buy a set in Israel as a tourist there is a lot of money that changes hands. The guide, bus driver, cab driver, etc. They all expect a cut. It is just the way business is done over there.

(Manger Scene 2-2A2) We really like our manger set. I kept the note that you sent with the set telling about who made it and I tell everyone it was made where Jesus was born. The wood is also very pretty. We are in Wilmington, the next time we go to Raleigh I want to come to your shopCarol - North Carolina (Note from Ricky Anderson - Owner of Holy Land Treasures) We will be glad to have you come by, just make sure you call before you come. We have a lot on display but we are not like a walk in gift store as we are geared more for online sales.

(Manger Scene 231515T) The set was given to our church and we adore it. Be sure to tell Jeries that he did a wonderful job. FB - W Virginia

(Manger Scene 4-3A1) Packaged nicely, arrived in timely manner. I recommend switching to FedEx or UPS, I just do not trust the US Postal service. (Do you get a lot of complaints about delivery?) We like the set, only complaint is that Baby Jesus looks like He is 2 years old, not a baby. Phil - Wisconsin (Reply) The Postal Service has really served us well. We rarely have a problem. Our local postmaster is a close friend of mine and the girls that work the window we love like family. (We are blessed to be in a small town) I have mentioned to Jeries in the past concerning the Baby Jesus looking a little older than an infant. He says that trying to carve the Baby Jesus is the most difficult part of carving the set. Like on the set you purchased, the Baby Jesus is less than 3" long. It is hard to do with such a small piece of wood.

(Manger Scene 4-6A) We ordered a Nativity Scene last year but it was after Christmas.  So when I received it, I simply kept it packed in the box and put it away for this past Christmas.  When I got everything out and displayed, my husband and I were very pleased with the quality and the intricate carvings.  I had planned on displaying the Nativity Scene on the table in the hallway of the front door.   But since we don’t walk by that area very often, and most of our visitors come in through the garage, we decided to place it on our coffee table in the living room.  It looked beautiful, but only from three angles.  Since it was in the middle of the room, all four sides were showing.  The only disappointing feature was the backside, which basically looked like plywood.  It took away from the beauty.  My husband came up with an idea, glue tan felt so that it would looked “finished”.  That is exactly what we did and the looks were drastically better.  It was a bit difficult cutting out the openings but I managed.

So for folks who plan on putting the Nativity scene on a table where the backside is not scene, no problem.  But for the folks who want to display it where all four sides are seen, there might be the same concern.  L.K - Florida

(Manger Scene 1-1C)  Ricky, I wanted to tell you, your Family and Artists have helped bring a lot of joy on my purchases. The Manger Scene was Beautifully crafted, and made a great Christmas gift. All of the items I have purchased over the years have been what I hoped for. Again thank you all. M.O. - Texas

(Manger Scene 2-5) We received the items about an hour ago and everything is great.   The quality looks like it will last a lifetime!  My wife loves everything. Thank you again so much for rushing the items out to our satisfaction. We won't ever forget that, and it was a pleasure doing business with you. God bless, J G - Florida

 (Manger Scene 4-6) I am so glad that I found Holy Land Treasures. I travel to the Holy Land every few years and until this site came along there was nothing online that could match the quality I always look for when I travel there. I have talked with Ricky several times when I phone in my order and it is like talking to an old friend. You don't realize unless you have done a lot of shopping over there how much more expensive it is to buy over there for this level of quality versus ordering from Holy Land Treasures. Do yourself a favor if you are taking a trip over there. Don't buy anything big over there. Wait until you get home and shop with these guys. You will save a great deal, get only the highest quality and not have to worry about getting it home and past customs. Plus, and this means a great deal to me, I know what I am buying from Holy Land Treasures is made in a Christian shop. No offense, but I do not always know over there if I am buying from a Christian or a Muslim. RN - Killeen, TX (Note from Ricky Anderson - Owner - Holy Land Treasures) RN is a regular customer and we love him dearly. We also thank him for the others he has told about us. I think he likes it too that I always send him one of my favorite Israeli candy bars when he places an order.

 (Manger Scene 4-7C)  Hi Ricky, I received my nativity set today, and all I can say is WOW!!! Your website doesn't even begin to do justice to the quality and attention to detail that goes into each piece. This is a Christmas gift for my parents, and I feel it is the ultimate gift! My dad is a woodworker himself, and he will appreciate this in so many ways. Please pass along my delight and appreciation to Jeries. It's going to be hard to contain my excitement for three months! Also, thank you so much for the added gifts. I love the cross! What a surprise, and I love all the thought and representation that went into it. My personal delight is the newspaper packing. The whole thing is amazing!! God Bless and thank you for your amazing ministry. A W - Seymour, TN

Manger Scene 8-9A - I just want you to know it is more beautiful than your website can convey. Thank you for the care with which you wrapped it. Now it is ready for Advent! - Rev. Munz - St. John's - Northamptom MA

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