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These Rosaries are simply beautiful and each one is made in Bethlehem by Catholic craftsmen Hani and Johnny Handal, many with handcrafted beads. These beautiful Holy Land Rosaries are also very affordable and make wonderful Catholic gifts for all occasions. Each of these Rosaries and Rosary bracelets come in a clear top gift box with a "Made in Bethlehem" certificate of authenticity and our Holy Land Treasures gift card. (With bulk Rosary orders you will receive an individual "Made in Bethlehem" certificate of authenticity for each Rosary but gift cards are not included) These Rosaries are offered online in the US exclusively here at Holy Land Treasures.

Each lovely Rosary that we sell is made in its entirety in the workshops of our dear friends Hani and Johnny Handal. Hani casts all of the metal parts in his casing shop and Johnny makes the Rosary beads in his olive wood shop. Their Rosary workshops are located on Manger Street in Bethlehem, about a 5 minute walk from where the Lord Jesus was born. These talented Catholic Rosary artisans are fine men and dear friends to us here at Holy Land Treasures as well. A testament to the quality of their Rosaries is that that we have never had a complaint from a customer, ever, about their fine work.

We feature a variety of Rosary beads from the Holy Land. Our olive wood Rosaries are our most popular Rosary beads. These beautiful wooden Rosaries feature beads made from Holy Land olive wood with a variety of centerpieces. The most popular of these is our olive wood Rosaries with a centerpiece containing Holy Land soil. We also have olive wood Rosaries with beautiful carved beads.

We currently offer rosaries with tiger's eye beads as well. These lovely tiger's eye Rosaries are elegant but the elegance is not reflected in the price. Our beautiful Rosaries with mother of pearl beads are absolutely gorgeous. What makes these lovely Rosaries even more appealing is knowing that they are made by Catholic artisans near the site where the Lord Jesus was born.

Our Holy Land Rosary collection does not feature any cheap Rosaries. Though are Rosaries are not cheap, these beautiful Rosaries from the Holy Land are wonderful inexpensive Catholic gifts when you look at the quality of the product you are getting. We also package our cultured bead and olive wood Rosaries in gift boxes (except when you purchase large bulk quantities of our Rosaries). When you purchase our Rosaries from the Holy Land individually you also receive our Holy Land Treasures gift card.

We also feel like we do more than anyone else in authenticating the our Rosaries are made in the Holy Land. With each beautiful Rosary that you purchase from us we provide an individual made in the Holy land certificate of authenticity no matter how large your purchase of Rosaries is. You will also find that each individual Rosary is also priced in bulk. When you purchase our Rosaries in bulk you save a great deal. 

 You will also find beautiful olive wood wall Rosaries. These lovely wall Rosaries are an excellent addition to any Catholic home and are extremely popular for Catholic wedding gifts.

You may also want to consider purchasing olive wood Rosary boxes along with your Rosary. Our lovely Rosary boxes are made in Bethlehem as well by our dear friend Jeries Facouseh. The Olivart workshop of Jeries Facouseh, where these lovely wooden Rosary boxes are made, is on Manger Street in Bethlehem as well. Each elegant Rosary box is engraved with the Jerusalem Cross.

You will also see that we have a beautiful line of Rosary bracelets. We offer olive wood Rosary bracelets along with our beautiful Holy Land mother of pearl Rosary bracelets. These lovely bracelets are not cheap. However, you will see that even though they are not cheap these our lovely Rosary braclets make very inexpensive Catholic gifts in bulk.

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