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Face Masks

These Christian face (germ) masks are made in the USA by one of the most wonderful Christian ladies that we know, our dear friend Tammy Tran. (Read Tammy's story below. It is one of the greatest testimonies I have ever heard. And her testimony keeps growing because she lives to please the Lord every day.) These Christian face masks are not made in a factory, they are individually made by Tammy. It is her hope that each mask will keep people safe but more importantly she wants people to be inspired to pray and be drawn closer to the Lord Jesus.
Please allow 2 weeks as these masks are made as orders come in.

Tammy and Ly (her great husband) were born in South Vietnam and suffered through many years of war. (They never met while in Vietnam, the Lord brought them together years later) When US forces left Vietnam in 1975 the North came in and took everything. They lost everything and they both had very perilous journeys to escape. Tammy escaped by boat and was picked up by a ship (the Vietnamese Boat People). Ly's journey was even more perilous. He walked across Vietnam into Thailand and miraculously made it to Germany. They both eventually made their way to the United States as refugees where they eventually met, fell in love and were married.

  Tammy and Ly are truly great Americans. They reside in Houston, Texas and have 2 wonderful sons, Andrew and Adam. They are a beautiful loving family that strives to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with all they have.
  A few years ago Tammy's brother was dying and he had a request of Tammy. He had a special needs daughter, Teresa, that he wanted Tammy and Ly to take into their home and care for. Tammy said in her heart, "I just can't do it, I have 2 children of my own, I just can't do it". Then she went and talked to her priest. He told her, "Tammy, you are looking at it the wrong way. Teresa is your gift from God. You just have to decide if you want God's gift or not". Tammy and Ly took Teresa into their home. They love and care for her like no one else could. They are simply one of the greatest families on earth.