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Catholic Gifts

 Here at Holy Land Treasures, we import to the USA the finest in Catholic gifts that the Holy Land has to offer. We now also take online orders for Catholic gifts to Canada and to the UK. These fine Catholic gifts bring a piece of the Holy Land to the gift recipient that will always be treasured. Each of these beautiful Catholic gifts comes with a "Made in the Holy Land" certificate of authenticity and our Holy Land Treasures gift card.

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Holy Land Treasures USA offers many unique Catholic gifts made in the Holy Land. Luxurious Catholic statues, one of a kind Crucifixes and inexpensive Catholic jewelry are just a few of the unique gifts for Catholics that we offer. Our Catholic gifts are ideal for all gift giving occasions. 

These Catholic gifts are not made in large factories with no thought of what is being made. These lovely Catholic gifts are handcrafted by the most talented Catholic artisans in the Holy Land and we feel some of the finest Catholic gift artisans in the world. Each of these artisans produce Catholic gifts that are beyond compare in the Holy Land and we feel like anywhere in the world. Each handcrafted Catholic gift is a unique, one of a kind gift, having its own unique character. One thing that is the same about our Catholic gifts is the consistent quality of each gift item. These Catholic gifts make keepsakes that will be cherished for life.

 We have many Catholic gifts that we consider to be destined to be family heirlooms. Our large Catholic statues, large Crucifixes and Catholic Nativity sets are simply among the finest Catholic gifts that are available for purchase. These fine Catholic gifts are wonderful for display in any Chapel of Adoration or fine home.

  You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a nice Catholic gift from the Holy Land though. We have many, many small inexpensive Catholic gifts that can be cherished by many just as much as our more expensive Catholic gifts are enjoyed. Our beautiful Rosaries, necklaces, small Crucifixes and more make small inexpensive Catholic gifts that will always be cherished.

We also offer many of our fine Catholic gifts in bulk. When purchasing these Catholic gifts in bulk you save a great deal. By buying your Catholic gifts in bulk you can have gifts to give throughout the year. When buying gifts for a Catholic group, our Catholic gifts in bulk save $ for our customers. You will be able to find our Catholic gifts such as Rosaries, Crucifixes, jewelry and many Catholic statues priced conveniently in bulk pricing.

  We also have tried to simplify your Catholic gift search since we offer so many Catholic gift items it can be overwhelming. You will find many sub-categories that pop up under our Catholic gifts main cetegory. We also have many Catholic gift quick links at the top of our Catholic gifts page.

 We try to do everything that we can to offer a product that will truly bless all of our Catholic gift recipients. With each Catholic gift item we send our Holy Land Treasures gift card, which we will gladly personalize for free. Also, with each Catholic gift that we offer you will receive a "Made in the Holy Land" certificate of authenticity.         

 We also stand behind every Catholic gift that we sell. If for any reason you are not completely satified with your Catholic gift purchase, we will gladly issue a no hassle and no questions asked refund.

We also have our Catholic gifts categorized. If you look under the Catholic gifts main heading on the left hand column (this is after you click on it) you will see a number of additional Catholic gift categories that come up. We have Catholic gifts for graduation, ordination and so forth to help you in your gift search.

  The time of year when more Catholic gifts are given than any other time is of course at Christmas. We have a Catholic Christmas gifts section where you can shop for Christmas gifts designed for Catholics that offer the true meaning of Christmas.

We also offer many Catholic wedding gifts that are unique, heartfelt and in price ranges for everyone's budget. Consider giving a wall Crucifix for a Catholic wedding gift. This would give the wedding couple a constant reminder of the One they need to look to to keep their marriage strong. Our Holy Family statues are also ideal Catholic wedding gifts.

We have also spent a great deal of time assembling a line of Catholic sympathy gifts and Catholic memorial gifts. Most people will automatically send a flower in the event of a funeral. The Catholic gifts that we have in these gift sections offer memorial gifts and sympathy gifts that last long after the flowers have gone. Along with the Catholic gifts that we have listed in these sections we also offer our free Catholic memorial and sympathy gift cards. You can place whatever words of condolence you like in the provided box at checkout and we will transfer them to the gift card. These Catholic gifts in many cases cost less than traditional flowers but will last indefinitely.

  Catholic confirmation gifts are gifts that are so important. Our Catholic gifts for confirmation offer items that will be cherished for life. Our Catholic wall crucifixes and hand carved Catholic statues make unforgettable Catholic confimation gifts.

  We also have different sections for our Catholic gifts when it comes to statues, Rosaries or Crucifixes. In our Catholic statues section we offer these statues for Catholic gifts in price ranges from $50.00 to as much as you would want to spend. Our Rosaries are wonderful Catholic gifts under $20.00. Our olive wood Crucifixes have a broad range of prices as well making them affordable in all Catholic gift giving situations.

If you are looking for a Catholic gift for the one that is hard to buy for you are at the right place. Many of our Catholic gifts are found exclusively here online at Holy Land Treasures. We also have Catholic gifts that are made exclusively for us and found nowhere else in the world.