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Saint Joseph Statues Olive Wood

These beautiful St. Joseph statues are masterfuly hand carved from Holy Land olive wood in the workshop of the Holy Land's premier Catholic artisan, our dear friend Jeries Facouseh. Each of these St. Joseph statues are unique, with each statue being hand carved and with each piece of the naturally beautiful Holy Land olive wood having its' own unique character. With each St. Joseph statue you will receive our Holy Land Treasures gift card and a "Made in the Holy Land" certificate of authenticity. These lovely St. Joseph statues are found online exclusively here in the US here at Holy Land Treasures USA and make ideal Catholic gifts for all occasions.

These St. Joseph statues and wall plaques are all carved in the Bethlehem workshop of our dear friend, and the premier Catholic artisan of the Holy Land, Jeries Facouseh. Each St. Joseph statue is carved from Holy Land olive wood from the Galilee region, where the Lord Jesus based His ministry. Each lovely St. Joseph statue carving is one of a kind, being hand carved and with no 2 pieces of Holy Land olive wood being exactly the same. These lovely St. Joseph statues are made in an environmentally friendly manner, as each St. Joseph statue is carved from prunings of Holy Land olive trees. Each of these St. Joseph statues are hand carved in intricate detail and coated with polyurethane to protect the lovely statue and give a lovely lustre to the naturally beautiful Holy Land olive wood. We are proud to be the US distributor for Jeries Facouseh and "Olivart", for Jeries is not just a fine Catholic statue artisan, he is a dear friend, wonderful husband and father, and a fine godly man.

     With each of these beautiful St. Joseph statues you will see something that you cannot get in a ceramic or resin statue. With each statue you will see a piece of the artisans heart. You will also have a St. Joseph statue to cherish, a statue carving that was made near where the Lord Jesus was born, a St. Joseph statue carved from wood that grew out of the same ground that the Lord Jesus walked upon. These St. Joseph statues will be cherished for a lifetime.

For Catholic gifts, there is hardly any occasion where these St. Joseph statues are not fitting. These carved wooden Saint Joseph statues are some of our most beautiful Catholic statues. We offer these olive wood St. Joseph statues in a broad range of prices, with statues to fit every budget.

No one knows what St. Joseph looked like when he was on this earth. These beautiful hand carved statues of St. Joseph are simply the artistic expression of very talented Catholic statue carvers in Bethlehem. We also do not claim that these St. Joseph statues have any mystical ability, such as the power to sell your house. For a need in your life, you do not need a St. Joseph statue, you need the Lord Himself.