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Large Catholic Statues

These large Catholic statues are hand carved from Holy Land olive wood in Bethlehem. The fine art of olive wood statue carving began 400 years ago in Bethlehem and has been passed down to each generation. These large Catholic statues represent the work of Bethlehems' finest artists, whose work adorns fine homes, Churches and Cathedrals around the world. Each large indoor Catholic statue comes with a framed "Made in the Holy Land" certificate of authenticity. For fine Catholic gifts, these beautiful statues are beyond compare.

Each of these large Catholic statues are individually hand carved, therefore each statue is unique and one of a kind. Each of these large indoor Catholic statues also comes with our Holy Land Treasures gift card. We will be glad to personalize your gift card, just give us the information in the gift card box at checkout.

These large wood carved Catholic statues represent the olive wood carving skills of the finest Catholic artisans in the Holy Land. Each large indoor Catholic statue is finely detailed with the natural beauty of the lovely Holy Land olive wood accentuating each of these large wooden Catholic statues.

Many people ask us, "How can I know that these large Catholic religious statues are actually made in the Holy Land"? We feel like we do more than anyone else to authenticate that our lovely religious carved statues do come from there. With each of these large Catholic statues, we provide a "Made in the Holy Land" certificate of authenticity. Underneath each large Catholic statue that we sell is a "Made in Bethlehem" seal. We also have many pictures on our site showing owner Ricky Anderson in the olive wood statue carving shops in Bethlehem where these large Catholic statues are carved. We make it easy when it comes to Catholic gifts made in the Holy Land. Every large Catholic statue, all of our Catholic gifts and everything we sell is made and comes from the Holy Land and nowhere else. Also, if you prefer, we can ship your large wooden Catholic statues direct to you from the Holy Land if you prefer. This may do more than anything to authenticate that your large wood carved Catholic statue came from the Holy Land as you will be able to tell anyone that asks that you unpacked your beautiful large Catholic statue from the box it was shipped to you in from Israel.

Most of our large wooden Catholic statues are carved by the premier Catholic statue artisan of the Holy Land and world renowned Catholic statue artisan, our dear friend Jeries Facouseh. The large Catholic statues that Jeries carves in his Olivart Bethlehem workshop are beyond compare. Jeries adds fine details in the wood carving, great wood selection and an almost perfect polyuethane finish to each of the large Catholic statues that he carves. These large wooden Catholic statues carved by Jeries and his team adorn Catholic churches and fine Catholic homes worldwide. In his Manger Street Bethlehem olive wood workshop, Jeries carves these fine Catholic religious statues from Holy land olive wood grown in the Galilee region. This means that in purchasing any of the large wooden Catholic statues that Jeries carves you will have a Catholic statue that was made near where the Lord Jesus was born from Holy Land olive wood that grew from the same ground where He spent much of His earthly life. We do not think you will find any large indoor Catholic statues anywhere in the world that are finer than these lovely carved wooden statues.

All of our large Catholic statues are also made in an environmentaly friendly manner. Each large carved Catholic statue is made from prunings of Holy Land olive trees.

These large indoor Catholic religious statues make a wonderful gift to your church. Whether they are dislayed in a chapel of adoration or in the main sanctuary, these large Catholic statues provide a heart stirring touch to your house of worship. When it comes to large Catholic statuary, these large carved wooden Catholic statues are among the finest in the world.

If you are looking a way to honor the memory of a Catholic our large olive wood Catholic statues provide  memorial gifts that serve as a lasing memorial. If it is affordable, our large Catholic statues make fine sympathy gifts.