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Catholic Statues

 These luxurious Catholic statues are hand carved from beautiful Holy Land olive wood in Bethlehem by Christian artisans. Each of these Catholic statues are unique, being hand carved, and with no two pieces of Holy Land olive wood being exactly the same. Our Catholic statues make unique Catholic gifts that will be treasured for life. Each lovely Catholic statue comes with a "Made in the Holy Land" certificate of authenticity and our Holy Land Treasures gift card.

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St. Francis Statue [HLT162012]
Pieta Statue [HLT101111]
St. Joseph Statue [HLT161012]

These beautiful Catholic statues are not figurines mass produced in large factories. These lovely statues are individually hand carved in the Bethlehem area by some of the worlds' finest Catholic statue artisans. 400 years ago a Franciscan Monk based in Bethlehem, himself a talented statue carver, began teaching the local Christian men his art. These talented Catholic artisans that carve these breathtaking wooden sculptures are the descendants of those statue carvers. Their work adorns some of the worlds' finest homes, Churches and Cathedrals. Each statue has a little bit of the artists heart and gives the recipient a heirloom quality piece of the Holy Land that will be treasured for life. Each of these beautiful Catholic statues are handcrafted from olive tree prunings and no Holy Land olive trees are desroyed in the process.

  These lovely hand carved Catholic statues make Catholic gifts with a heartfelt meaning. By giving flowers or a gift basket you give a gift that will last a short while. These Catholic statues will last indefinitely.

 All of our Catholic statuary is hand carved in the Holy Land by Christian artisans but the majority of our statues are hand carved in the Bethlehem workshop of world renowned Catholic statue artisan Jeries Facouseh. There are many fine Catholic statue artisans in the Holy Land but Jeries goes the extra mile in hand carving the finest wooden Catholic statuary collection that we have ever seen. The Facouseh Olivart olive wood workshop is on Manger Street in Bethlehem, a 10 minute walk from where the Lord Jesus was born. To carve these beautiful Catholic statues, Jeries uses olive wood that comes from the Galilee region, where the Lord spent much of His earthly life. (A note from Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures USA. Jeries is not only one of the worlds finest Catholic statue artisans, he is also a fine godly man. I count him among the best friends that I have in this life.)

  Our Catholic statues come in all price ranges with the average cost around $100.00. All of the Catholic statues that we carry, from the least expensive to the most expensive, are of the highest handcrafted quality. If you buy any of our Catholic statues and are not completely satisfied, we offer a no hassle, no questions asked return and refund policy. However, of all of the Catholic statues that we have sold, very few have ever complained, as Jeries and his team of Catholic artisans produce a quality consistent product that is beyond compare.

  All of our Catholic statues are hand carved from Holy land olive wood just like they have been for centuries in Bethlehem. The luxury of living today however, is because of electric carving tools, kilns to dry our olive wood and all of modern technology, we are able to produce these beautiful Catholic statues at a fraction of the cost were it not for the innovations. But no piece of modern equipment can replace the statue carver. Each of these lovely olive wood Catholic statues is as beautiful as it is because of an artisan that put his heart into what he was doing. Because each of our Catholic statues are hand carved, each statue is unique, similar but unique. And because our Catholic statues are made from naturally beautiful Holy Land olive wood, each statue will also have the unique characteristics of the olive tree that it was made from. All of these facts guarantee that each of our Catholic statues is a one of a kind original.

  Our Catholic statues are ideal for all Catholic gift giving occasions from confirmation gifts to memorial gifts. We offer Catholic statues that make the perfect gift for men or women, boys or girls. The beauty of giving one of our Catholic statues is that it will last a lifetime to commemorate the event. A Catholic statue that is hand carved by a Catholic artisan near the site of the Lord's birth, made from Holy Land olive wood that grew out of the same ground which He trod, is a Catholic statue that is as rich in meaning as it gets.

  Our Catholic statues not only make wonderful gifts for individuals, these statues are fitting for display in the finest of Catholic churches. If you are considering a gift to your church, say a statue for a chapel of adoration, consider our fine Catholic statues. We also have a line of large olive wood Catholic statues that are absolutely breathtaking.

  When it comes to our Catholic statuary you may notice that our statues are some like you have never seen before. The only way you would have seen any of our beautiful Catholic statues is to have shopped in some very upscale olive wood gift shops in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. We are proud to be the US distributor for this beautiful Catholic statuary, mostly carved by our dear friend Jeries Facouseh and his team of Catholic statue artisans at Olivart.