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Many sets are on sale! Our Nativity sets celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of the Savior of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ. All of our Nativity sets are hand carved from Holy Land olive wood by Christian craftsmen near the birthplace of our Lord in Bethlehem. Each of the Nativity sets that we offer is lovely and unique, with many of our fine sets offered exclusively here at Holy Land Treasures. If you do not need an entire Nativity set with figurines and stable or if you want to refine your search we offer the following in site links to assist your shopping. Read about Holy Land Treasures Nativity artisan Jeries Facouseh.

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If you love and collect Nativity sets you have to have a hand carved olive wood set from Bethlehem. These beautiful handcrafted Nativities vary widely in price. We offer some very nice Nativity sets for the bargain hunter but our fine, more expensive Nativity sets set us apart from all others offered online. Our Nativity sets grace homes across the US, UK, Canada and all over the world and serve as wonderful indoor Nativity displays in Churches as well.

Read about the Origin of Nativity Sets

Most of our Nativity sets are carved in the workshop of the premier Christian artisan of the Holy Land, Jeries Facouseh. These Nativity sets are made in the Facouseh (Olivart) workshop on Manger Street in Bethlehem. Every Nativity scene that is carved by Jeries and his team is absolutely exquisite. We feel that they are the finest hand carved sets in the world. Each of Jeries' Nativity sets is carved from Holy Land olive wood grown in the Galilee region, where the Lord Jesus spent most of His earthly life. All of the wood for these lovely hand carved sets are taken from Holy Land olive tree prunings, an environmentally friendly process that preserves the life of these sometimes centuries old trees. To have a beautiful Nativity set made by the Holy Land's premier Christian artisan, near the site where the Lord Jesus was born, from olive wood grown from the same soil that He trod, is a combination that makes these sets beyond compare.

We have also tried to offer indoor Nativity scenes that are found nowhere else in the world, not even in the Holy Land would you be able to find the combinations. For some of our Nativity sets we place tealight candle holders, that are made exclusively for us in Bethlehem, with the set and with other sets we place a pair of olive wood candlesticks. We sometimes combine these for a very unique offering, a Nativity that can only be found here at Holy Land Treasures.

  These indoor Nativity scenes are the type of keepsake that can be enjoyed year round, not just at Christmas. These sets also make wonderful gifts, especially for a wedding gift. If you think about it, the one thing that a newly married couple does not usually have is a Nativity set. These sets provide a gift that will be cherished for life and treated like an heirloom.

 For our customers here in the US, you also have the added luxury of being able to purchase an olive wood Nativity set made in Bethlehem at a price that you would not be able to match if you went to the Holy Land to purchase it yourself. And when you purchase a Nativity set from Holy Land Treasures, we usually can have your Nativity to you within 3 business days. We also have a no hassle, no questions return policy for every product that we offer. We pray that each Nativity scene that is purchased will always be a blessing whether it be for your home or for a gift.