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Holy Land Travel Packing Guide

   Rev. Ricky Anderson / Leader of Holy Land Tours and owner of Holy Land Treasures USA

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 When traveling to the Holy Land for a 10 day tour many are terrified at having to try to cram enough for 10 days into a suitcase and have it to weigh less than 50 pounds. Don't panic. Most overseas air carriers will allow you 2 checked bags and a carry on. We have a few packing tips for our Holy Land tours that we hope will be helpful so that you don't overdo and at the same time don't underdo.

  First of all do a weather search for the time of year your Holy Land tour departs to see what temperatures you will be expieriencing at the time of your tour so that you will know the kind of clothing you will need.

  You will want a fresh shirt , socks and underclothes for every day of Holy Land travel ( always a good idea to have an extra shirt and underclothes just in case). You can usually get 2 days out of your pants or slacks and you can always pack a couple of extra to make sure. Wind suits or jogging suits are also a good idea. They are comfortable, light and usually can be worn more than one day. A light raincoat is also a good idea for fall and winter tours.

 You will need 2 pairs of comfortable walking shoes. Your Holy Land tour will require a lot of walking in some places. It is always good to have the extra pair just in case your feet were to get wet or something else unforseen.

 Most hotels in Israel have provide bath cloths but I always suggest bringing 10 that you dont mind leaving behind just in case the hotel does not provide them. All hotels provide bath towels but you may want to bring one from home to use if you plan on being baptized in the Jordan River or if you take a swim in the Dead Sea.

 You will also need swimwear for a Dead Sea swim and I also suggest it for the baptism in the Jordan. At the Jordan River baptism site a robe will be provided but they are very "see through" when wet. I also suggest swim shoes. The Jordan River baptism site and the Dead Sea can be slippery on the bottom.

 Prescription medication for 2 weeks (Just in case there is a delay in returning (not likely, but it is better safe than sorry) Eyeglasses, contacts and solutions, asprin, sunglasses, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, band aids or any item that you feel you may need. If you happen to forget something, don't worry, Israel has pharmacies just like we do here in the US.

 I suggest a minimum of $500 cash for souvenirs, lunches and tips. You will not need to exchange your currency, dollars are accepted everywhere we will be traveling. I would also suggest a Master Card or Visa credit card and your photo ID drivers license. You can also use your ATM card in Israel if you need to. Make 2 copies of your passport, one for you to keep in a safe place and one for your Holy Land tour leader (if you are traveling with us that would be me) just in case it happens to get lost. I insist on everyone having a waistline pouch (Similar to the one on this link) for your passport, cash and credit card. It fits neatly under your clothing and will ensure that you won't lose them. They are available at any Wal Mart in the travel section.

 If you are bringing a camera, video camera, laptop or any other valuable item I strongly suggest that you do do not place these in your checked bags, you can carry these on the plane.

 It is also a good idea to carry a couple of plastic trash bags along to place your dirty clothes in. Your Holy Land tour is going to last 10 days and that makes for a lot of dirty clothes that you don't want mixed with your clean clothes. It is also a good idea to take a duffle bag or any collapsable bag that can fit inside your luggage and not take up a lot of space. Most of the time Holy Land travelers will purchase statues, Nativity sets, etc. and find that they do not have enough room to bring them home. On the return trip home you can place your dirty clothes in the collapsable bag and add it to your checked bags if necessary, allowing extra space in the bags you checked when you came over. (Please note: Most of the time the airlines will not charge you extra on the return trip for an extra bag, but they can. In my opinion paying the airlines extra is a better idea than having something shipped home from the Holy Land. This way when you arrive home it arrives with you and you won't call me and ask "How much longer before my package gets here"?)

 I hope that these Holy Land tour packing tips have been helpful. Feel free to call us toll free for any Holy Land tours questions at 1 866 416 4659. Please remember we are in North Carolina, Eastern time, 3 hours ahead of our friends on the west coast.