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Why should you take a Holy Land tour?

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     When it comes to taking a Holy Land tour many Christians weigh the pros and cons and most decide not to go. As a frequent traveler to the Holy Land I can tell you that the pros are plentiful for a Christian to make the decision to take the trip and the cons are few.

      Most Christians have no idea what Holy Land tours cost but their mind is already made up that it is too expensive. When compared with traveling anywhere here in the US for 10 days, staying in hotels, paying for gas, meals, etc., Holy Land tours are very affordable with costs for our tours averaging $200 - $250 per day, depending which time of year the tour is scheduled. The price of our tours is all inclusive with round trip airfare from New York to Tel Aviv, breakfast and dinner daily (fabulous by the way), wonderful hotel accomodations and a deluxe motor coach to tour the Holy Land in. Don't get me wrong, we will do a lot of walking and you will be tired at the end of the day, but the trip is really luxurious. I really don't think that you could take a resort vacation here in the US for 10 days and get by for much less.

     When it comes to Holy Land tours, usually the first question people ask me is "Is it safe to go over there?" Any thing could happen traveling anywhere but I can honestly say that our Holy Land tours are perhaps the safest trips that I have ever taken. People think that I am crazy when I say that, that is, until they take the tour. Israel is the most security conscious country in the world and I have never had a minute's problem or been in danger at any time on any of my tours or business trips to the Holy Land. I have no reason to sugarcoat this. To back up my point of view, can you name one, just one, Christian traveler to the Holy Land that has ever been harmed on a tour? I am not a daredevil, and frankly, if it was not safe I would not go myself. If you still need convincing, ask the Lord if it is safe for you to go and let Him convict your heart one way or the other.

    The greatest reason that any Christian should take a Holy Land tour, if it is affordable, is that it is an experience that will change your life. Every time that you open your Bible for the rest of your life you will have a picture in your mind of the setting because you have seen it with your own eyes. I tell people that their Bible will go from black and white to color. You will find that few things in the Holy Land look like you had always imagined it to look and you can not gain that knowledge unless you travel there. And of course, all of our Holy Land tours allow you to walk where Jesus walked, to see where He died for our sins and to see where He rose from the dead. You will never be the same again.

Rev. Ricky Anderson / Owner / Holy Land Treasures USA