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Holy Land Travel Tips

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Of all the tours that a Christian can take I know of none that can compare with a trip to the land of the Bible, The Holy Land. I tell everyone that travels with me to prepare for their Bibles to go from black and white to color. You are never the same again after you have walked where Jesus walked! Here are a few simple tips that I hope will aid your journey if you are planning a trip.

(1) Get over the fear factor!

The Holy Land is a safe place to travel despite how the media portrays it. Israel is a very safe and security conscious country. Stay with your group and venture off only after consulting with your guide. I have never had a problem in all my tours, nor have I ever spoken with anyone else that has.

(2) Packing tips:

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One month prior to your trip begin making a checklist of items you wish to carry. Add to the list as things come to mind. Pack your bags 2 days prior to your departure, checking off your checklist as you go. This will alleviate the fear of forgetting something, and don't worry, even if you do forget an item you can always purchase it there. Israel has malls and pharmacies just like the US.

(3) Bring your Bible

Check your itinerary beforehand and read the Bible stories that relate to the places. When you arrive and begin the tour this will help you to absorb and retain all the wonders that you see.

(4) Keep your valuables in a safe place

You do not want to be this far from home and lose your passport or cash. I suggest a waistline pouch ( similar to the one on this link. The Wal-Mart travel section has them) that can fit underneath your clothes. Keep your passport, cash and credit card here and you won't have to worry about losing them. Place this under your clothing and only bring it out when you have to. It's not that you will have to worry about a theif hiding around every corner, all it takes is one theif to ruin your trip.

(5) Don't be thrifty on souvenirs

Many people come back from the Holy Land and agonize over the fact that they did not buy an olive wood nativity set in Bethlehem or an olive wood Last Supper in Jerusalem. Here at Holy Land Treasures we import only the highest quality olive wood statues, olive wood nativity sets, olive wood Last Suppers, Holy Land jewelry and much more. We can take the hassle out of buying a quality Holy Land souvenir and  we offer you a money back guarantee! You won't find a deal like that in the Holy Land!

(6) You will not need any vaccinations when traveling to the Holy Land from the US

I have had travelers tell me on every Holy Land trip that they have heard that they need to have a long list of vaccinations before traveling to the Holy Land but that is not the case.

(7) Pray!

Prayer is the most powerful asset you have. Pray for the best, safest, most wonderful time of your life. If you need a word of comfort or someone to pray with, call us here at Holy Land Treasures and ask for Ricky. Enjoy your trip.

                                                                                                         Rev. Ricky Anderson