Christian gifts from the Holy Land
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About wholesale products from the Holy Land:

We offer parts of our select Holy Land handcrafted inventory at wholesale for customers here in the US and also for Canada and the UK. When ordering from our wholesale category we ask that you make a minimum $300.00 purchase (Unless otherwise stated in the product description). We are able to offer these special wholesale prices by networking with a number of Bethlehem's finest Christian craftsmen. Each wholesale order will be shipped from Israel directly to our customers, therefore eliminating our domestic shipping and handling costs. You also have the security of ordering from a company here in the US at a price less than you would have to pay even if you went to the Holy Land to purchase it. For that we have our network of fine Christian men in Bethlehem to thank.

Shipping Costs:

In every wholesale order the shipping price is included and there are no hidden costs for the customer. You will receive your order by EMS (Express Mail Servive) and it will be delivered to your door or to your business by your local Post Offfice.

Delivery Time:

After you place your order we will notify you of an approximate date of delivery. (We will try to let you know on the next business day). We use 4 weeks as an approximate timeframe and will do all that we can to coordinate the order sooner.

Return Policy:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your wholesale order we will issue a no hassle refund. Please notify us within 7 days of receiving your order of any complaints that you may have.

  We do not anticipate any customer being dissatisfied with the quality of any item because of the fine, trustworthy people in our Bethlehem area network. The only problem that may arise is damage due to shipping. The only thing that we ask is that if you receive an item that has simply become unglued that if you would consider glueing it back together. We would never ask a retail customer to do this but as a wholesale customer please help us to keep the price down.