Why Olivewood
Care FAQ's

How can I clean these?

Our placemats, coasters, napkin cuffs and table runners simply sponge clean. Most stains can be erased with a warm, soapy sponge with excellent results. Wine spills coffee, red or oily sauces should be wiped clean as soon as possible, as it may be harder to clean these stains once they have an opportunity to dry.

Can they be used outside?

Yes. Our ARTFORMS line is made from a type of marine upholstery. It's the same material used on boats.

Will the paint come off?

No. We use acrylic paint that has a polymer (plastic) additive blended right in. Our products are all "heat set" to ensure a negligible amount of colorfastness.

Can I use these on a finished wood table?

The linen or cotton canvas used in Carole Shiber Designs can be left on your table indefinitely, as these materials allow the air to flow through for the wood to breathe. However, we DO NOT recommend that vinyl-backed ARTFORMS be left for more than a few days on lacquered or glossy wood surfaces. As with all vinyl products, leaving them on finished wood for an extended period of time can damage or discolor the surface. Vinyl is not porous. Wood naturally changes color over time and needs to breathe.

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