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Bulk Wholesale Nativity

Our bulk wholesale Nativity related items are made near the birthplace of the Lord Jesus by Christian artisan Jeries Facouseh of Bethlehem. We are able to offer these at unbelievable bulk wholesale prices with a graduated volume discount price. We have small Nativity sets and many styles of ornaments with Nativity related scenes.


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Small Olive Wood Nativity Sets (Bulk Wholesale) Small Nativity Sets in Bulk (Wholesale) Small Olive Wood Nativity Scenes (Bulk Wholesale) Bulk Wholesale Small Olive Wood Nativity Scenes
Bulk Wholesale Small Nativity Sets (Ornaments) Bulk Wholesale Christmas Shepherd Ornaments Bulk Wholesale Small Nativity Scenes (Ornaments) Bulk Wholesale Rustic Nativity Scenes
Bulk Wholesale 3 Camels Christmas Ornaments Bulk Wholesale Flight to Egypt Christmas Ornaments Bulk Wholesale Baby Jesus in Manger Ornaments Bulk Wholesale Holy Family Christmas Ornaments

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