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Bulk Wholesale Gifts

We are glad to offer our Christian gift items at bulk wholesale prices. All of our bulk wholesale gifts are made by Christians in the Holy Land (Israel) and we will ship your product direct from our various shops in Bethlehem. We offer bulk discount pricing for volume for each item. Each bulk wholesale order is made as orders come in. Please note the timeframes for each item. Below are our categories.

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Bulk Wholesale 8.5 Inch Crucifixes with Holy Land Soil Olive Wood 11 Inch Wall Crucifixes with 4 Articles (Bulk Wholesale) Holy Spirit Celtic Cross Necklaces (Bulk Wholesale) Bulk Wholesale 8.5" Olive Wood Wall Crosses with Soil
Bulk Wholesale 6.5 Inch Wall Crucifixes Bulk Wholesale Fourteen Stations 11 Inch Wall Crosses Wood Cross Necklaces (Bulk Wholesale) Risen Christ Cross Necklaces (Bulk Wholesale)
Bulk Wholesale Holy Family Necklaces Holy Spirit Cross Necklaces (Bulk Wholesale) Bulk Wholesale 9.5" Olive Wood Wall Crucifixes Beautiful Wooden Cross Necklaces (Bulk Wholesale)

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