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LARGEST CHURCH SIZE Olive Wood 15 Piece Nativity Set

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58" Tall x 81" Wide x 46" Deep


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About this LARGEST CHURCH SIZE Olive Wood 15 Piece Nativity Set


This nativity set made in the Holy Land is nothing short of an artistic masterpiece in hand-carving woodwork. The artisanal quality craftsmanship and the sheer size are in a league of its own. The stable reaches a height of nearly 5 tall and 6 feet wide. The tallest figurines are 29 inches tall (2.5 feet!). 14 separate figures!

Worthy of any place of worship or organizational setting that honors the birth and life of Christ. For generations to come all who see this arrangement will not forget it! This set is the largest and finest we know of on the market today and is made and sold exclusively by Holy Land Treasures. Every aspect of the set is made in our Bethlehem workshop by a Christian artisan, Jeries Facouseh, of biblical Bethlehem. The Facouseh olive wood carving shop is located just a few minutes walk from the site where Christ our Lord was born in biblical Bethlehem of Judea.

The set incorporates very large movable statues of Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus along with 6 animals, 3 wise men, an angel afixed to the stable, and a shepherd. The stable is huge and features a fireplace, palm tree and many other intricate features.


  • SHIPPING | Please allow 2 weeks for this beautiful set.
  • Made in Bethlehem
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity and our gift card
  • Nativity Scene as shown in photo | 58 Tall x 81" Wide x 46" Deep
  • Average Figurine is 29" Tall
  • Each hand-carved movable Figurine sits on a mahogany base
  • Set Includes | a Stable, with the following figures; Baby Jesus, Manger (His bed), Mary, Joseph, 3 Wise Men, a 1 Shepherds, 1 Gloria angel on stable, 4 Lambs, Donkey, and Cow.


Each nativity piece will vary slightly due to the natural grain of the olive wood. The figurines are beautifully detailed. The olive wood is sourced from the Galilee region of Israel, where the Lord Jesus spent much of His earthly life.

This indoor Nativity scene is found exclusively here at Holy Land Treasures.