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Large 30" "Story of Jesus" Wall Crucifix

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30" T x 17"W x 5" Thick



About this Large 30" "Story of Jesus" Wall Crucifix

Please allow 2 weeks for this large wall Crucifix as it is handcrafted as orders come in. This unique large wooden Crucifix is made of walnut and Holy Land (Israel) olive wood, partly in the USA and partly in biblical Bethlehem. The Corpus and INRI are hand carved in the Bethlehem olive wood carving shop of Christian artisan Jeries Facouseh, just a 10 minute walk from where Christ our Lord was born. The contemporary cross is made and designed in the USA by Holy Land Treasures owner Ricky Anderson and is called our "Story of Jesus" cross. The cross is rich in symbolism being made from 33 separate pieces of wood to commemorate the 33 earthly years of the Lord Jesus up to His ascension back into Heaven. There are 4 spokes extending out from the center of the cross to represent the 4 Gospels of St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John. The cross in the center is made from 3 pieces of wood and is 3 layers thick to represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A framed description and our gift card come with this breathtaking large wall Crucifix.

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From the back of the cross to the front of the Corpus this Crucifix is 5 inches thick. The height of the Crucifix is 30 inches and the width is 17 inches.