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Carved Olive Wood Crucifix with Holy Land Relics 13 Inches

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13" Tall



About this Carved Olive Wood Crucifix with Holy Land Relics 13 Inches

This olive wood wall crucifix is a combination of quality craftsmanship and devotion to the Lord. The wood cross is a substantial 13 inches tall and uses olive wood that is sustainably sourced from the Holy Land. The hand carving of the wood for both the cross and the corpus is by two of Bethlehem’s best wood artisans, Catholic artisans Hani and Johnny Handal.

Imbedded in the wood cross are 4 relics (also called articles) from the Holy Land encased in glass. Clockwise starting from the top the articles include Olive leaves, Frankincense, Holy Land Stones, Holy Land Soil and Holy Land stones: (These articles sometimes vary).

Rich in symbolism, the design includes 4 clover shaped tips, each made from 3 pieces of olive wood representing The Holy Trinity. The cross is made from 14 pieces of olive wood all together representing the fourteens stations of the Cross (Via Dolorosa).

The olive wood corpus is completely hand carved and stunning. At the top of the cross is the carved plaque iniitals INRI.


  • Size (approx): 13" Tall
  • Olive Wood
  • Origin: Holy Land, Israel
  • Includes: Certificate of Authenticity
  • Shipment Timing: In stock. Ships from workshop in 2-3 Days.
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4.67Rated 4.67 from 3 reviews
5 01/14/2024 - Verified Customer

This Crucifix was so beautiful and special that I actually cried when I opened it. I ordered it for some friends for Christmas and couldn’t resist going back and ordering one for myself. Thank you for this treasure, and may God bless Israel!

4 05/24/2022 - Verified Customer

Just quessing??? because we bought this for a new priest and have not given it to him yet??

5 07/18/2021 - Verified Customer