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Wholesale Olive Wood 11 Inch Wall Crucifixes with 4 Articles | 50 Crucifixes @ $29.40 Each


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11 " x 7 "



About this Wholesale Olive Wood 11 Inch Wall Crucifixes with 4 Articles | 50 Crucifixes @ $29.40 Each


We offer these Crucifixes at Bulk Wholesale with a graduated volume discount.

A gorgeous 11" olive wood crucifix with corpus designed in the Byzantine style. A unique and symbolic devotional choice as with the crucifix, each corner of the cross contains an individual article from the Holy Land (Olive Leaves, Incense, Holy Land Stones, Holy Land Soil. These articles sometimes vary). Each relic is sealed in a small glass container at the tip of the cross.

Handmade of genuine olive wood in the Bethlehem workshop of Catholic artisans Hani and Johnny Handal, the quality is quickly appreciated. Fourteen wood pieces make up the cross, symbolizing the 14 stations of the cross. Sized to be seen, the cross is 11 inches tall and is styled in the classic Roman-Byzantine design, including smooth rounded cross tips.

STYLING: This cross style is called a Roman cross, a Byzantine cross, and a 14 Stations cross. It is made from 14 separate pieces of olive wood to commemorate the 14 Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem.

HOLY LAND ARTICLES: The wall cross stands 11" x 7" and is made of genuine olive wood from the Holy Land. The cross includes four glass containers, one in each corner. The glass containers feature 4 Holy Land articles in inset glass containers. (Clockwise from top: Holy Land olive leaves, frankincense, soil, and stones.

MADE IN BETHLEHEM: Each cross is meticulously handcrafted in biblical Bethlehem by Christian artisan Johnny Handal whose workshop is on Manger Street in biblical Bethlehem, just a few minutes walk from where Jesus Christ our Lord was born.

Small quantities can be purchased under SKU HLT109.


  • Name: 14 Stations of the Cross, Uses 14 individual pieces of Olive Wood!
  • Size (aprox): 11" Tall x 7" Wide
  • Approximate Weight: 2 lbs
  • Material: Olive Wood
  • Origin: Holy Land, Israel


Timeframes for our bulk wholesale wooden crucifixes are as follows.

  • (20 - 50 Crosses - 3 to 4 weeks)
  • (60 - 200 Crosses - 4 to 5 weeks)
  • (300 - or more 6 weeks or more - Please call for large orders)


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