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Wholesale Small Olive Wood Nativity Sets | 40 Nativities @ $24.50 Each

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6.25"W x 4.5"T x 2.25" Deep



About this Wholesale Small Olive Wood Nativity Sets | 40 Nativities @ $24.50 Each

Please note our Bulk Wholesale timeframes below before you place your order.
We are very sorry but we do not offer these small Nativity sets in smaller quantities.
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These small olive wood Nativity sets are made in biblical Bethlehem in the olive wood carving shop of Christian artisan Jeries Facouseh and are beautifully packaged.
Timeframes for these small Nativity sets are (10 - 100 - 3 to 4 weeks) (110 - 500 sets - 4 to 5 weeks) (For more than 500 of these small Nativity scenes we suggest that you call or email for a timeframe as it may vary with the time of year and our work volume.)
These lovely small Nativity sets are made from Holy Land (Israel) olive wood and feature the Baby Jesus in the manger, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, 3 wise men, 2 animals and a palm tree. The star is at the top of the stable. These small Nativity sets are offered here at bulk wholesale with a graduated volume discount price. The olive wood carving shop of Jeries Facouseh is just a few minutes walk from the site where Jesus our Lord was born.