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Unique Wall Crucifix | Brown, 1 Crucifix


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8.5" x 5.5"



About this Unique Wall Crucifix | Brown, 1 Crucifix

This unique wall Crucifix is made in the Holy Land and features 4 articles from the Holy Land (Olive Leaves, Incense, Holy Land Stones, Holy Land Soil). These articles may vary. This unique wall Crucifix is made from Holy Land olive wood in the Bethlehem workshop of Catholic artisans Hani and Johnny Handal. This style of wall Crucifix is also called a Roman Cross (Roman Byzantine) and a Budded Cricifix. This unique wall Crucifix comes with a

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This unique Roman Byzantine Crucifix, handcrafted in Bethlehem by Christian artisans, is a wonderful inexpensive Catholic gift idea. Made of Holy Land olive wood this olive wood Crucifix is also known as the "Fourteen Stations" (Via Dolorosa) Crucifix. The Crucifix is made from 14 pieces of olive wood representing the 14 stations of the Cross. The clover shapes are made from 3 pieces of olive wood representing The Holy Trinity. The most unique feature of this lovely Crucifix is the 4 glass inserts containing small articles from the Holy Land. Moving clockwise from the top of the Crucifix are olive leaves, Frankincense, Holy Land soil and Holy Land stones. This wonderful inexpensive Catholic gift idea comes with our Holy Land gift card featuring a picture of the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane.

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This unique wall Crucifix is priced in bulk quantities. Why would you want to purchase these unique wall Crucifixes in bulk? When these unique olive wood Crucifixes are bought in bulk you save. Also, when you buy these wooden Crucifixes in bulk you will have these lovely Catholic gifts to give throughout the year. For instance, if you purchase 5 of these unique wall Crucifixes. You can give one Crucifix for a Catholic Christmas gift. Another gift idea for this unique wall Crucifix is for Catholic Valentine's Day gifts. This unique Crucifix offers a beautiful expression of love. Most of the time you will have to give a Catholic ordination gift for a deacon during the year and this Crucifix would be a unique way to mark the occasion. When it comes to Catholic anniversary gifts (50th wedding or any other anniversary occasion) this unique wall Crucifix provides a perfect gift or the event.

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5.00Rated 5.00 from 3 reviews
5 11/23/2021 - Verified Customer
5 11/16/2021 - Verified Customer

The crucifix is beautiful and well made. It arrived in excellent condition in a timely manner. Thank you and God bless!

5 04/12/2021 - Verified Customer

So beautiful! We actually own more than one of these. They are so beautiful we've gifted them to our children.