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Holy Land Soil Madonna and Child Olive Wood Rosaries | 15 Rosaries @ $10.99 Each

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21" Long



About this Holy Land Soil Madonna and Child Olive Wood Rosaries | 15 Rosaries @ $10.99 Each

A heavily symbolic rosary made of handcrafted genuine olive wood rosary beads from the Holy Land with a Madonna and Child centerpiece that holds a capsule of Holy Land Soil. An ideal rosary to remind us of the meaning of the Mysteries, the Life of Christ, and our desire to better know and love Him.

Length: The rosary is a classic 5 decade design. (Each decade 10 Hail Mary beads, 1 Lord's Prayer bead).

Centerpiece: The centerpiece is a Madonna and child image at the front and a Holy Land Soil capsule at the back.

Crucifix: Traditional crucifix design and at the back the word JERUSALEM.

The rosaries are each handcrafted in biblical Bethlehem from Holy Land (Israel) olive wood in the shop of Catholic artisans Hani Handal and Johnny Handal.

If you require larger wholesale quantities of these Rosaries See SKU Rosary11BW .


  • Size (aprox): 21" Long
  • Approximate Weight: 2 oz.
  • Packaging: Clear plastic for individual rosary
  • Material: Olive Wood beads and metal crucifix, centerpiece, and links, Holy Land Soil
  • Process: Hand-made, in-house metal casting
  • Origin: Holy Land, Israel
  • Shipment Timing: In stock. Ships from workshop in 2-3 Days. International order 6 to 10 Days.
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