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This area is for our Holy Land products drop shipping account holders only. If you do not have a drop ship account with us and would like to be considered to carry our Holy Land products we ask that that you contact us by email or call us toll free @ 1 866 416 4659, 9 to 9 Eastern.  Our drop shipping program for our Christian gifts and Catholic gifts is only available for drop ship sales here in the US. On each Holy Land drop ship product page you will see the USPS Priority Mail shipping cost that is not included in the drop ship price for the product. (It will be added at checkout) Once a dropshipping account has been established for you to carry our Holy Land gift products you will be able to purchase online on any drop ship product page.

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Statue # 100 Crucifix # 141112 Statue # 241110 Statue # 45
Statue # 241010A Statue # 171815 Crucifix # 141313 (48") Nativity 8-8
Statue # 101212 Crucifix # 107 Statue # 171817 (29" Tall) Statue #  171715 (21" Tall)

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