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Bulk Wholesale Crosses

When you buy our bulk wholesale crosses you get the best price that we can offer. If you do not wish to place a large bulk order for crosses we have a link on each page that will take you to another page so that you can order a smaller quantity. Shipping is free for all of our bulk wholesale crosses orders. These crosses are made as orders come in. Please look at the timeframe for each bulk cross item. And as always, feel free to call us or email and we will be glad to assist you.

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Olive Wood 11" Wall Crosses with 4 Articles (Bulk Wholesale) Bulk Wholesale 8.5 Inch Wall Crosses with 4 Articles Wooden Celtic Cross Necklaces (Bulk Wholesale) Holy Spirit Celtic Cross Necklaces (Bulk Wholesale)
Beautiful Wooden Cross Necklaces (Bulk Wholesale) Risen Christ Cross Necklaces (Bulk Wholesale) Jerusalem Cross Necklaces (Bulk Wholesale) Bulk Wholesale 8.5 Inch Wooden Wall Crosses
Bulk Wholesale Small 2.6" Comfort Crosses Bulk Wholesale 4 Inch Wooden Comfort Crosses Bulk Wholesale 4.75 Inch Wooden Wall Crosses Bulk Wholesale Small Crown of Thorns Wooden Crosses (Necklaces)

Nearly all of our crosses offered at bulk wholesale are made in the Holy Land from naturally beautiful olive wood. We offer a graduated discount price for all of our crosses with steeper discounts for more volume. We also try to include a timeframe for each quantity.

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