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All Colors Water, Oil, Incense, Soil Deluxe Holy Land Gift Set

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5 Gift Sets @ 14.99 Each

5 Gift Sets @ 14.99 Each Deluxe Holy Land Gift Set
10 Gift Sets @ $12.99 Each

10 Gift Sets @ $12.99 Each Deluxe Holy Land Gift Set

Deluxe Holy Land Gift Set

SKU # Gift Set 1002
Color / Quantity: All Colors
Material: Water, Oil, Incense, Soil
Price: $18.99

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 6" Tall X 8" Wide (All Colors) $18.99

This Holy Land gift set is an ideal Catholic gift for all occasions. The lovely deluxe gift set features an olive wood Crucifix, 33 candles (symbolic of the earthly life of the Lord Jesus), and water, soil, olive oil and frankincense in glass bottles from the Holy Land. In the upper right hand corner of this gift set is a copy of a Byzantine icon. This lovely Catholic gift set is beautifully packaged and is made in Bethlehem, not far from the site where the Lord Jesus was born, and comes with our Holy Land Treasures gift card.

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On the sides of the box of this Catholic gift set are certificates of authenticity in English, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Italian. We also have this unique gift set priced in bulk on this page. This Holy Land gift set is a unique Catholic gift for all occasions including Catholic Christmas gifts, Confirmation, Mother's Day gifts and 50th wedding anniversary.

This gift set usually ships on the same or the next day of your order. When ordering this Catholic gift set here in the US, you can usually expect delivery in 2 to 3 business days, USPS Priority Mail. If you are ordering this Catholic gift set from the UK or Canada expect 6 to 10 days for delivery.


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