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75 Slings @ $4.99 Each Burlap Material Shepherds Slingshots (50 or More)

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50 Slings @ $5.00 Each

50 Slings @ $5.00 Each Shepherds Slingshots (50 or More)
100 Slings @ $4.90 Each

100 Slings @ $4.90 Each Shepherds Slingshots (50 or More)

Shepherds Slingshots (50 or More)

Color / Quantity: 75 Slings @ $4.99 Each
Material: Burlap Material
Price: $374.00

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 40 " Long (75 Slings @ $4.99 Each) $374.00

These bulk discount priced shepherd slings are made by Holy Land shepherds (The Bedouins) and you receive a certificate of authenticity with every slingshot.

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Our shepherds slingshots have become very popular inspirational gifts across the USA. We now offer these unique shepherds slings in bundles of 50, 75 and 100.  Our shepherds slingshots are made by the Bedouins, shepherds and their families who live in tents as in biblical times, in the vicinity of biblical Bethany. We obtain these just across from Lazarus' tomb in Bethany. These shepherds slings commemorate Davids' victory over Goliath as recorded in 1st Samuel. Each shepherds sling is woven of a burlap like material and comes in various colors. Each shepherds sling also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Our shepherd slingshots are listed in a variety of categories. For Bible School gifts (VBS) these shepherd slings are ideal gifts for boys and girls. Our biblical shepherd slings are also sometimes bought by a church for small gifts to give out on Father's Day (bulk Father's Day gifts). Our slingshots are also listed in our bulk small inexpensive gifts category.

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