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Olive Wood Comfort Cross | Best Seller | 30 Hand Crosses @ $6.99 Each

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4" Tall


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About this Olive Wood Comfort Cross | Best Seller | 30 Hand Crosses @ $6.99 Each

This comfort Cross is found exclusively online here in the US at Holy Land Treasures. The perfect Christian gift for all occasions as it is not only useful and practical (hand-held, small enough to fit in your pocket), it is also an inexpensive way to quiet your anxiety and make prayer a part of your daily life..


  • Size: Medium Pocket Cross - approximately 4" x 2.5" x 0.5"
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Genuine grained Olive wood
  • Origin: Bethlehem Israel
  • Production: Hand-carved
  • Includes: "Made in the Holy Land" Certificate of Authenticity

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The Olivart workshop, owned and operated by our good friend Jeries Facouseh, is located on Manger Street in Bethlehem, not far from the site of the Lord's birth. While the olive wood hand Cross is made there in Bethlehem  (where the Lord Jesus was born), the olive wood that is used for this hand Cross is Galilee olive wood (where Jesus spent the majority of His ministry). Each hand Cross is unique, being hand carved from natural olive wood, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.


This hand Cross has no mystical power, but the symbolism is powerful. The hand Cross fits easily in your pocket or any size purse and serves as a reminder of the One who gave all for you. Many find comfort in holding the hand Cross when they pray and others are comforted by just having it on their person, to remind them of the One who will never leave or forsake. For those that have never or can't travel to the Holy Land, this hand Cross will give you a connection, being made where the Lord was born and being made from olive wood from a tree that grew out of the very land that He walked.

This olive wood (wooden) hand Cross is an ideal inexpensive Christian gift for Father's Day, Ordination and all occasions. This wooden Cross is also known as a palm Cross, comfort Cross and a pocket Cross.

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5.00Rated 5.00 from 9 reviews
5 06/10/2023 - Verified Customer
5 10/13/2022 - Verified Customer

I received this as a gift, and thought it was so lovely, that I gave it as a gift to a friend, who was so touched by it!

5 09/24/2022 - Verified Customer

Was told that these are often taken with patients when they visit the chemo lab

5 06/20/2022 - Verified Customer
5 01/27/2022 - Verified Customer

Liked the darker wood - better on first order But satisfied Thank you

5 12/19/2021 - Verified Customer

Great follow up. Shipping quick and efficient

5 11/30/2021 - Verified Customer

Many many thanks! I have ordered from Holy Land Treasures before and the products are truly wonderful. As far as comfort crosses go, you'll rarely find one so lovely as this. It has less of the new age circular look that so many other comfort crosses have and more of the traditional cross shape, which I'm more favored to. And yet it retains the slightly crooked aspect at the same time. The edges are rounded just enough that it's extremely comfortable to hold, giving a soft firm grip. The stripes of the olive wood are beautiful and unique, and it's also easy to hold in the pocket as well! It's easy to sense that there is a lot of effort and love that are put into these products. I highly recommend!!

5 09/11/2021 - Verified Customer

appreciated and used as a tool to convey the faith, meaning good for evangelism

5 08/09/2021 - Verified Customer

Perfect item for those who like to pray and hold a small cross. Great company. Wonderful customer service.