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Olive Wood Comfort Cross w. Gift Box | 15 Crosses @ $8.79 Each

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4" Tall


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About this Olive Wood Comfort Cross w. Gift Box | 15 Crosses @ $8.79 Each

A comfort Cross is such a thoughtful gift and when presented in a gift box the presentation is perfect. This set includes the pocket cross in a plain grained olivewood with gift box and certificate of authenticity.

The hand-held cross is hand-carved with squared beveled edges and fits easily into your pocket or purse always ready for use. Give this wonderful gift and melt away your stress or simply add it as a part of your daily prayer life.


  • Size: Medium Pocket Cross - approximately 4" x 2.55" x 0.5"
  • Box Size:3.5" x 3.5" x .05
  • Color of cross: Brown
  • Material: Genuine grained Olive wood
  • Origin: Bethlehem, Israel
  • Production: Hand-carved
  • Includes: "Made in the Holy Land" Certificate of Authenticity

ABOUT THE ORIGIN OF YOUR COMFORT CROSS: The Olivart workshop, owned and operated by our good friend Jeries Facouseh, is located on Manger Street in Bethlehem, not far from the site of the Lord's birth. While the olive wood hand Cross is made there in Bethlehem  (where the Lord Jesus was born), the olive wood that is used for this hand Cross is Galilee olive wood (where Jesus spent the majority of His ministry). Each hand Cross is unique, being hand carved from natural olive wood, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

WHY IS THIS COMFORT CROSS SO WONDERFUL? This hand Cross has no mystical power, but the symbolism is powerful. The hand Cross fits easily in your pocket or any size purse and serves as a reminder of the One who gave all for you. Many find comfort in holding the hand Cross when they pray and others are comforted by just having it on their person, to remind them of the One who will never leave or forsake. For those that have never or can't travel to the Holy Land, this hand Cross will give you a connection, being made where the Lord was born and being made from olive wood from a tree that grew out of the very land that He walked.

This olive wood (wooden) hand Cross is an ideal inexpensive Christian gift for Father's Day, Ordination and all occasions. This wooden Cross is also known as a palm Cross, comfort Cross and a pocket Cross.

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Read Six Olive Wood Comfort Cross w. Gift Box | 15 Crosses @ $8.79 Each Reviews

5.00Rated 5.00 from 6 reviews
5 03/21/2024 - Verified Customer
5 03/18/2024 - Verified Customer

My sister-in-law was delighted to receive this cross. She said she felt calm the moment she held it in her hands so my prayers for her were answered. I was pleased with the ease and care with which the order was handled.

5 12/13/2023 - Verified Customer

I wanted to support Israel and share with friends in my church and family. They all have loved receiving this cross. I ordered extra so I will always have a special gift on hand for any occasion.

5 09/16/2023 - Verified Customer

A special gift for someone going through difficult times!

5 08/17/2021 - Verified Customer

Comfort Crosses make a nice gift to pass along to others (but keep one for yourself, too).

5 05/26/2021 - Verified Customer