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Unique Large Catholic Wall Crucifix 13 Inches | 3 Crucifixes @ $79.00 Each


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13" Tall



About this Unique Large Catholic Wall Crucifix 13 Inches | 3 Crucifixes @ $79.00 Each

This unique large 13 inch tall wall Crucifix is made in Bethlehem and is ideal for Catholic gifts for a special occasion. This Catholic wall Crucifix is made from Holy Land olive wood and features 4 inset glass container with Holy Land articles. These large Catholic wall Crucifixes come with our Holy Land Treasures gift card and a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity.

STYLING: This style of cross is called a Roman cross, a Byzantine cross and a 14 Stations cross. It is made from 14 separate pieces of olive wood to commemorate the 14 Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem.

HOLY LAND ARTICLES: The wall cross stands 13 inches tall and is made of genuine olive wood from the Holy Land. The cross includes four glass containers, one in each corner. The glass containers feature 4 Holy Land articles in inset glass containers. (These articles will vary)(Clockwise from top: Holy Land olive leaves, frankincense, soil and stones.)

MADE IN BETHLEHEM: Each cross is meticulously handcrafted in biblical Bethlehem by Christian artisan Johnny Handal whose workshop is on Manger Street in biblical Bethlehem, just a few minutes walk from where Jesus Christ our Lord was born.

Each cross comes with a certificate of authenticity and our Holy Land Treasures gift card.   


  • Name: 14 Stations of the Cross, Uses 14 individual pieces of Olive Wood!
  • Size (aprox): 13" Tall
  • Material: Olive Wood
  • Origin: Holyland, Israel
  • Includes: Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Shipment Timing: In stock, ready to ship.

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5 04/04/2023 - Verified Customer
5 01/27/2022 - Verified Customer

Donna and Ricky: I wanted to say Hello, remind you I think of you daily and thanking you, again, for my beautiful Crucifixes! They are daily life reminders of our Creator, our world, life and why GOD gifted us life on His Earth! It brings me daily comfort knowing that those I love so much, have your unique Holy Crucifixes in their homes and will one day be passed on to future generations! It is more then the beauty of your Crucifixes: it is the history behind each Holy piece I have purchased from you through the years! My friend, Jessica, is continuing her battle with cancer. Her teenage son + her entire family needs her! Our world needs her! My cross has a different daily meaning now that I have been diagnosed with my latest health is difficult to stay positive! I am thankful I have my loving and caring children watching over me; here and in New York. My son in New York is facing a health crisis. He is retired NYPD and he and his wife have been finalizing their plans to retire from NY to FL by the end of the year, He has a talent for fixing racing cars and for work release pressures, he used to build and race cars! He was helping a friend with his "racing" car and in lifting the motor our of the car, he dropped it on his RT foot. We are waiting to hear how much damage he has done. Please pray for him...he is a beautiful and loving soul! Always trying to help others and I can't help but ask GOD why did this have to happen to him? I pray he is not going to be crippled for life! Or delay their plans to sell their home and relocate to FL! Donna, Ricky, and your family of employees, may GOD Bless you (all) daily and may HE grant you long lives on His Earth! You are a blessing in many lives; more so my life, the lives of all my loved ones that now have your treasures in their homes! Let's not forget all GOD's children you have devoted your lives to save and help! ! Stay well and safe! God's world needs all of you at Holy Land Treasures. Your devoted customer and friend, Betty Ireland Love and thanks to all: Betty Ireland