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Olive Wood Nativity Set | 4 Nativity Scenes @ $489 Each

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19.5" W x 16" T x 12" D



About this Olive Wood Nativity Set | 4 Nativity Scenes @ $489 Each

This luxury olive wood Nativity set is hand carved in Bethlehem near the site where the Lord Jesus was born and comes with a "Made in the Holy Land" certificate of authenticity. This large indoor Nativity scene is a unique Christmas gift that will become an heirloom and passed down. This lovely Nativity scene comes with our Holy Land Treasures gift card.  (The Nativity figurines with this lovely Nativity scene average 5" tall).

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This luxurious indoor Nativity scene is a hand crafted masterpiece, made by Christian artisans near the birthplace of the Savior of the world. Made from Holy Land olive wood, the indoor Nativity set comes with a 12 piece Nativity figurine set and a luxurious Nativity stable. The Nativity figurines feature detailed carving and the 12 piece Nativity figurine set includes the Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph (with staff), 3 wise men, 1 shepherd (with staff), 2 sheep, 2 cows and a manger (Many times the Nativity manger is confused with the Nativity stable. The Nativity manger was the feeding trough that Mary used for a bed for the Baby Jesus.) The Nativity stable (or Nativity house) is a masterpiece in itself. The Nativity stable is made from small blocks of Holy Land olive wood and the roof of the Nativity stable is magnificently crafted cfrom interwoven blocks of smooth olive wood and blocks with the olive wood bark still intact. Every square inch of the Nativity stable is rich in detail right down to the beautiful carving around the door of the stable and the star of Bethlehem that adorns the ridge of the roof. But perhaps the greatest feature of the Nativity stable is the breathtaking palm tree that has so much depth and dimension that it has to be seen to be appreciated. The indoor Nativity scene easily assembles and comes apart for storage (the assembly is very simple, the Nativity stable just snaps together, so simple that a child coud do it). This magnificent Nativity set comes with a "Made in Bethlehem" certificate of authenticity and our Holy Land gift card featuring a picture of the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives.

Though this Nativity scene is one of our more expensive Christmas gifts, the workmanship and detail make this indoor Nativity scene a real bargain. Any time of year, if you are looking for unique expensive gifts, this lovely indoor Nativity scene makes a luxury gift that is both unique and practical.

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