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Wholesale Fourteen Stations 11 Inch Wall Crosses | 50 Wall Crosses @ $16.80 Each

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11" Tall X 7" Wide



About this Wholesale Fourteen Stations 11 Inch Wall Crosses | 50 Wall Crosses @ $16.80 Each

Wholesale olive wood wall cross that is 11 inches tall and made of solid genuine Holy Land olive wood. The cross is designed with attractive features including rounded scalloped edges and a simple yet classic design which is ideal in a home or church setting. This cross also makes a wonderful gift idea for under $18.00 especially when considering the quality, symbolism, origin from the Holy Land.

Each of these crosses is made of genuine olive wood from the Holy Land and are handcrafted in Bethlehem. 

A made in Bethlehem certificate of authenticity and our Holy Land Treasures gift card comes with each cross.

Rich in symbolism, this lovely wooden wall cross goes by many names including a Roman, Roman Byzantine and a Fourteen Stations Cross. The cross is made from 14 pieces of Holy Land olive wood, this wooden wall cross is made to represent the 14 Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem. (Via Dolorosa, "Way of the Cross") Each arm of these wooden wall crosses are made from 3 pieces of Holy Land olive wood to represent the Holy Trinity.

This wall Cross comes with a "Made in Bethlehem" certificate of authenticity explaining the symbolism and our Holy Land Treasures gift card. 

Smaller quantities can be purchased at SKU  HLT551014 .

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  • Size (aprox): 11" Tall x 7" Wide
  • Material: Olive Wood
  • Origin: Holyland, Israel
  • Includes: Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Shipment Timing: Varies based upon quantity ordered. See below.


Please note the timeframe for these bulk wholesale 11 inch wooden crosses. Timeframes for these bulk wholesale wooden crosses are (20 - 200 crosses - 4 Weeks) (300 - 500 - 6 Weeks) (600 or more Crosses - 8Weeks or More).

Shipping is free to anywhere in the world when you order bulk wholesale.