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Wholesale Small 4.5" Wall Crucifixes with Relics | 50 Crucifixes @ $9.80 Each

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4.5" Tall



About this Wholesale Small 4.5" Wall Crucifixes with Relics | 50 Crucifixes @ $9.80 Each

These small olive wood wall Crucifixes are handcrafted in biblical Bethlehem from Holy Land (Israel) olive wood. Each Crucifix features 4 inset glass containers with Holy Land articles. These are sometimes called relics, but they are not ancient relics. 

We offer Free Shipping on all Bulk Wholesale orders. Please note timeframes below before ordering these Crucifixes. 

Up to 300 Crucifixes (3 to 4 Weeks). 400 - 1,000 (5 to 6 Weeks). For very large orders allow 8 weeks or more. 

These small wall Crucifixes are handcrafted in the biblical Bethlehem carving shop of Christian artisan Jeries Facouseh, just a few minutes walk from where Jesus Christ our Savior was born. We offer a graduated bulk price discount for these Crucifixes in bulk wholesale. 

We gladly offer free samples before ordering for institutions, organizations and churches. Just give us a call. 

Product Details.

4.5" Tall

Material - Olive Wood, Silver Plated Zinc. The articles (relics) in the 4 containers will vary but usually contain items like Holy Land soil, stones, frankincense, flowers and olive leaves. 

Origin of Product - Bethlehem, Israel, Holy Land