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Retail Bulk Discount Ornaments

These are not just any Christmas tree ornaments to buy in bulk. Our lovely ornaments are made in the Holy Land from Holy Land olive wood and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the true reason for the season. Our Christmas tree ornaments are all made in the Manger Street Bethlehem carving shop of our dear friend Jeries Facouseh, the premier Nativity artisan of the Holy Land. (Jeries' shop is about a 10 minute walk from the site where the Lord was born.) All of our olive wood Christmas tree ornaments are of Nativity scene and are ideal small inexpensive Christian and Catholic Christmas gifts. 

We offer three-tier pricing for our hand-carved olive wood ornaments.

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  • BULK RETAIL: In this section, ornaments and sets UNDER $300.00
  • WHOLESALE: Click Here to access significant savings on Large Quantity Orders of ornaments and ornament sets (Orders OVER $300.00)

These lovely and inexpensive bulk Christmas tree ornaments celebrate the fact that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. These wooden Nativity scene Christmas tree ornaments remind us it is still about Him.

What is so special about our ornaments? We make these lovely and inexpensive Christmas tree ornaments out of Holy Land olive wood from the Galilee region of Israel. This is the region where the Lord Jesus spent much of His earthly life. Our Christmas tree ornaments are made near the site where He was born. The Facouseh olive wood carving shop, where all of our Christmas tree ornaments are made, is located on Manger Street in Bethlehem, just a few minutes walk from the site where the Lord Jesus Christ was born.

All of our Christmas tree ornaments are priced to buy in bulk. We will never call our Christmas tree ornaments cheap because they are not. Though they make inexpensive Christmas gifts in bulk quantities, rather than being cheap these Christmas tree ornaments provide an inexpensive small holiday gift that will be cherished. For Christmas party favors, gifts for a church to give out at Christmas, you name it, these Christmas tree ornaments are inexpensive, provide a quality gift (not cheap) and celebrate the birth of the Lord.