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Our inspirational Easter statues and gifts have nothing to do with bunnies or eggs. We offer wooden Easter statues that commemorate events in the life of The Lord Jesus from Thursday night (the Last Supper) through Sunday morning (the glorious ressurection day) and more that make wonderful Easter gifts. Whether you are looking for a Catholic Easter gift or a Christian Easter gift, these heirloom quality statues and gifts will be treasured for life and passed down.With every item purchased you will receive a lovely Holy Land Treasures gift card with a picture of the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane and underneath every statue you will find a "Made in Bethlehem" seal of authenticity. For inspirational Easter gifts you are at the right place.

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Olive wood Communion Cups (Bulk Discount Priced) Cross with Crown of Thorns Necklace (Also priced to buy in bulk) Olive Wood Communion Cups (Sale, 100 or more @ 81 cents each) Risen Christ Cross Necklace (Also priced to buy in bulk)
Medium Olive Wood Communion Cups (20 @ $1.40 Per Cup with larger bulk discounts) Olive Wood Communion Cups-Large Chalice Style (Sold in groups of 20) Large Communion Cups (Quantities of 100 and up) Unique Olive Wood Crucifix
Roman Crucifix Unique Wall Crucifix Luxurious Wall Crucifix
Luxurious Wall Crucifix [HLT103A]
[Reg. $78.95]
Sale Price $58.95
Statue of Jesus With the Crown of Thorns
Unique Last Supper Carving
Unique Last Supper Carving [HLT241010]
[Reg. $415.00]
Sale Price $369.00
Large Pieta Statue
Large Pieta Statue [HLT101212A]
[Reg. $422.50]
Sale Price $369.00
Large Statue of Jesus Washing the Disciples Feet Wall Crucifix
Statue of Jesus Washing the Disciples Feet Jesus Wearing the Crown of Thorns Statue Tealight Candle Holder (Last Supper) Large Wall Crucifix
Large Wall Crucifix [HLT108A]
[Reg. $149.00]
Sale Price $119.99
Large Wall Crucifix 13"
Large Wall Crucifix 13" [HLT113]
[Reg. $115.00]
Sale Price $89.99
Olive Wood Wall Crucifix Olive Wood Crucifix Fourteen Stations Crucifix
Last Supper Tealight Candle Holder Large Olive Wood Last Supper Display
Large Olive Wood Last Supper Display [HLT241110]
[Reg. $1,122.50]
Sale Price $979.00
Small Pieta Statue Large Statue of Jesus Carrying the Cross

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