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A trip to the Holy Land is like no other for the Christian. To be able to walk where Jesus walked, to see where He was born, lived, ministered, where He healed, died for our sins, rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven is a life changing experience and quite frankly leaves all other tours behind. We offer Holy Land tours that are affordably priced with wonderful accommodations that are led by Rev. Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures USA. We try to keep our Holy Land Tours in groups of 40 or less so that our group can stay together for the duration of the tour and Ricky can be as personal as possible to each individual. On our Holy Land tours we try to make as many stops as possible at Biblical sites that other tours do not offer in their standard Holy Land tour packages. We welcome all Christian denominations on our Holy Land tours (Ricky does not like to split theological hairs). Our Holy Land tours are not just historical in nature, but with every stop along the way we will have a short devotional service, with any one in our group welcome to share their thoughts and we always stress the Biblical significance of the site. You can read more about our Holy Land tours, read a sample itinerary and see our current tour dates by visiting our Holy Land Tours main category. We also offer Travel Tips for Holy Land Tours and you can veiw a few Pictures of previous Holy Land Tours. Also feel free to call us toll free at 1 866 416 4659 or you may contact us online with any questions.