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Small Nativities

 These small Nativities are wonderful inexpensive gifts for all that love Nativities. And these small Nativities are not just any Nativities. Each of these lovely small Nativities is handcrafted in Bethlehem, the birthplace of the Lord Jesus, and each of these lovely Nativities are made from Holy Land olive wood. For those who collect Nativities, a Nativity made in Bethlehem is the ultimate. You are also assured that with each of these small Nativities that your Nativity will be unique and one of a kind. With each of these lovely small Nativities you will recieve a "Made in Bethlehem" cerificate of authenticity and our Holy Land Treasures gift card.

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Olive Wood Nativity Ornaments (Bulk quantities of 10 and up) Large Bell Shaped Nativity (Also priced in bulk) Nativity Scene Bell Ornament (Also priced in bulk) Small Olive Wood Nativity
Small Modern Art Nativity Sets in Bulk Small Olive Wood Nativity Sets in Bulk Small Contemporary Nativities in Bulk Small Fine Nativities in Bulk
Box of 3 Small Nativities Music Box Nativity Set Bulk Wholesale Small Olive Wood Nativity Scenes Bulk Wholesale Rustic Nativity Scenes

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