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Large Cross Reviews

Below are reviews from our customers that have purchased our Large Crosses.

(HLT1035 - 6 Foot Contemporary Walnut Wall Cross) Nice work, looks great and is very unique. Little disappointed that we had a assemble it. For that kind of money it looks like it could have been shipped in 1 piece. Anyway, it looks real good and that's what matters. Ben - Miami, Fl (Reply from Ricky - Owner  - Holy Land Treasures) Honestly, I don't want anyone to be disappointed, especially when you spend a lot of money. I have tried my best to make them very, very, very easy to assemble. (6 screws - about 2 minutes work) Those 6 screws and 2 minutes work saved you about $700 in shipping charges. We usually ship the 4 foot models in one piece. With the 6 foot and over models, if we shipped them in 1 piece it would require a freight delivery (forklift and tractor trailer). Then you also have the problem of your location. If a tractor trailer can not turn around you would have to go to a FedEx location and pick it up. 6 screws and 2 minutes assembly saves a lot of $ and headaches.

(HLT743 Large 8 Foot Standing Walnut Cross) We absolutely love it. We took a chance when we found you online and are so glad we did. Pastor Bill - 4 Seasons Church - Las Vegas, Nevada (Reply from Ricky Anderson - Owner, Holy Land Treasures) So glad you love it Bill. My first for a church in Las Vegas.

(HLT1006 - 6 Foot Standing Cross) The cross arrived Monday and is so beautiful, much more than in the photo. We appreciate the workmanship and the quality. Thanks, Sacha - Hollywood, Ca

(HLT1036 - 4 Foot Walnut "Story of Jesus" Wall Cross) Your beautiful cross is breathtaking. It will hang in our school and we are thrilled. Lisa - Austin Catholic Academy, Michigan

(HLT1004 Six foot wall cross) Ricky, your cross is beautiful. It hangs in the lobby of our center and is adored by all. P T - Minnesota

(HLT1016 3 Piece Altar Cross Display) Dear Ricky, The crosses are a wonderful addition to our sanctuary. We also appreciate how fast you were able to get them made and get them to us.   Dan - Virginia

(HLT701 Old Rugged Wall Cross) When I give the old rugged crosses as a gift people are always moved. it is such a unique idea. To know it is made by a Christian in Bethlehem makes it even more special. K - South Korea

(HLT1014 Four Foot Contemporary Wall Cross) Ricky, I do not know where you got the idea for this cross but is is breathtaking. It is so beautiful in our home. I would love to see a very large one in a church. If I could afford it I would get you to make a very large one for my church.  Phil - Myrtle Beach, SC

(HLT541014) It is also beautifully crafted & it is  hung on the wall of our entrance lobby. Have a blessed day.
Rebecca - Singapore

(HLT1001 Large Standing Cross) Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! DT - Illinois

Your large crosses and crucifixes are like nothing I have ever seen. Each design is unique. One can tell this is pure art as you can see the heart of the artisan in each design. RK - Raleigh, NC  (Reply from Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures) Thanks RK, you are too kind. I have to tell you, I have truly enjoyed making each and every one I have ever made.

(HLT1000 4 foot wall cross) Thanks for the beautiful cross. We gave it in memory of our pastor's daughter. LC - Texas

(HLT1013 Large Jerusalem Wall Cross) From one with some experience in woodworking (40 years) this cross is a woodworkers work of art. Ricky, this cross was expensive, but knowing what you put into making it, it is underpriced. I wondered how you put it together and the basswood frame in the back is brilliant. We have it in the lobby of our church and everyone is blown away. Every visitor wants to know where we got it as they have never seen anything like it. I see now you have a standing one. If I can convince our committee, I know a spot in the church it would be perfect for. The Jerusalem Cross has such a powerful message. Thanks again my friend, you were a pleasure to deal with. Frank - Indiana

(HLT1004 6 Foot Wall Cross) The cross arrived safely and it is truly loved by all. It was a honor to have you make it for us. Blessings to you, your family and your business. Best regards, Pam - Tampa, FL

(HLT718 4 Foot Contemporary Wall Cross) Just received the cross and it is beautiful. (Carol - Iowa)

(HLT724 4 Foot 4 Standing Contemporary Cross) (This cross was placed in a nursing home chapel) Hi Ricky, The cross arrived and it is beautiful! Thank you so much for the time and care you took in making it. Your cross is exactly what we were hoping for. Blessings, RM - New Mexico

(3 Foot Standing Walnut Cross - Special Order)

I must apologize I have not opened the cross until tonight.  I just had to wait until the right time. We are going to have our priest bless it and place it in the chapel at the hospital.  I am so pleased with it! It is everything I wanted it to be, beautiful!  I can tell you put your heart into it and I am forever grateful!  It is perfect! 
God bless you for your sharing your faith with others, and especially for your care with this cross for my dear husband! - Peacefully, Sarah (Manassas, VA)
(HLT1005 - 6 Foot Wall Cross)
Hi Rick,
Just wanted to show you how we displayed the beautiful cross you made. We just hung it up today in a niche located above our fireplace. We're so happy with how it turned out. Thank you so much it creating such a beautiful piece for us.
Tim (Houston, Texas)
(HLT1006 - Large 6'4" Standing Cross) 
Hey Ricky,
Thought you would appreciate seeing a picture of the cross in our school vestibule.  Our monsignor blessed it Friday during our Student mass. Its a beautiful and meaningful addition to our school. Thank you for making it special.
Have a wonderful summer!
Warm Regards, Emily - St. Patrick's School, Smithtown, NY
(HLT731 - 5 Foot Contemporary Walnut Wall Cross)
Cross arrived 10 days from date of order. Very well packed. I was scared to spend this much money online but we could find no one local. Was able to call in the order and actually talked to the man that makes the crosses. He promised that if it was not satisfactory to us that he would pay to ship it back and refund. We were very pleased with the cross and also pleased it was made in US by an American. Only complaint is that with this amount of purchase that they do not stock the items but make them as they take orders.
Burt P - Tucson, AZ (Reply from Ricky) Dear Burt, Glad you were pleased and it was an honor to build it for your chapel. The biggest reason that we do not have all of the large crosses in stock is that I do not have nearly enough room to keep 85 models in stock. Usually I am able to get them built and to the customer within 2 weeks. I also like knowing where the cross is going to be displayed. I try to put my heart into each one and this helps.

(HLT1006 - 6 Foot standing Cross)  This has been a wonderful addition to our hospital chapel. We had a donor that found this online. We had a deadline that was tight as we had a dedication service and it was finished and shipped right on schedule. Also, it was good to speak with the actual crafter when we placed the order. Frank - Chicago, IL

 HLT733 - 6 Foot 4 Inch olive wood standing cross -  We are so grateful for the beautiful work that Jeries did over in the Holy Land on our cross. Just to have something in our church that is so beautiful and knowing it was made where our Lord was born. We are very, very pleased. DR - Atlanta, GA

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